Baby Toys Newborn to 3 Months

Baby sleeping on towelsA newborn baby’s life is one long round of excitement and discovery, and the best baby toys will help with this. It’s a tiring life and they need a lot of sleep!

In their first 3 months, babies are getting to know their family and their environment. They enjoy a certain amount of stimulation in their waking hours and will love it if you play with them too. They may not do very much with their toys at first but it will help their development to have the right kind of toys around. Let’s look at what kind of things make the best toys for newborn babies month by month.

Baby Toys Newborn

A newborn baby’s eyes aren’t fully developed so in the first month of life they don’t see most things clearly. They can’t distinguish colours at first and objects are blurred unless they are very close to the baby’s face (within about 10 inches).

Sweet Island Dreams thumbnailThey do like looking at things that catch the light as well as things with high contrast and striking patterns that they can see up close. Mobiles hanging over their cot are great.

In the first month babies will begin to develop their motor skills and muscles by kicking, waving their arms and moving their head, but they have very little co-ordination. They will enjoy touching soft things but they won’t hold toys for long.

Their hearing is good and they will enjoy listening to simple tunes and soothing music. Music can either energize or soothe them, so choose different songs for wake time from those that you would use to lull them to sleep.

Baby Toys 1-2 Months

Fisher Price Piano Gym mainThe baby’s world continues to expand in the second month of life. They can see more clearly now. They’ll begin to recognize more sights and sounds and will show their emotions, smiling and making movements and gurgles of excitement.

They can now see more colours so brightly coloured toys will mean more to them. They have a little more control of their arm and leg movements.

They will still enjoy looking at mobiles, but they will also start to get more out of interactive toys such as baby gyms or rattles that make noise when they wave them around.

Baby Toys 3 Months

By 3 months babies can recognize faces and voices. They will be much more interested in other people and will look at faces for a long time. They can lie on their stomachs as well as their backs. They may roll to touch things.

It’s time to begin giving them teething toys that they can put in their mouth and chew. They will also love a baby gym at this age, and anything that makes noise or spins around.

If you put toys in their hands they may start to wave them around. They can hit out at things with their arms and legs, although their movements are still not very accurate. They’ll enjoy mirrors that reflect lights and their own face too.

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Published 17 May 2013

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    Mobiles worked well for all 3 of our children as well. As they grew, we moved into quality educational toys…. the good kind that last. We were able to pass them down from one to the other. Good quality and long lasting toys bring great value to the child and parent.


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