Barbie Cruise Ship Review

Barbie Sisters Cruise Ship Review (Mattel)
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Our rating: 5 stars

The Barbie Cruise Ship is one of the biggest and best Barbie playsets that you could get for a little girl. It opens up into a huge play space with two decks, a swing and a swimming pool.

With so much to play with, the Barbie Sisters Cruise Ship is a toy that Barbie fans will adore. But is it worth the price you pay? Let’s take a closer look.

Barbie Sisters Cruise Ship: What You Get

Barbie Cruise Ship with girl* Cruise ship playset with 2 levels.
* Fold down beds.
* Pool with 2 water slides.
* Working swing that seats 2 dolls.
* 2 chairs with pillows and blankets.
* Buffet with accessories.
* Dolls are not included.
* Age 3-10.

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Barbie Cruise Ship Commercial in Spanish

Sorry I couldn’t find this in English! But you can still see everything!

Why Little Girls Love the Barbie Cruise Ship

Barbie Cruise Ship verticalThe Barbie Sisters cruise ship is sure to be a big hit with any Barbie fan. In fact, even kids who don’t like Barbie would likely enjoy playing with the ship. Dolls are not included so you could put whatever doll or toy of the right size in there.

This is a big Barbie playset that expands to over 4 ft long when everything is taken out. Then it all packs away into the pretty pink ship when playtime is over.

Outside it looks great with Barbie flags and banners that you can attach, and a top deck where you’ll find the Captain’s wheel. A doll can stand there to steer the ship. There’s also space for the two provided sun loungers on which Barbie and her sisters can lie out there and soak up the sun.

Inside, when everything is unpacked, there are plenty of other activities and accessories for Barbie and her sisters to have fun with in their very own cruise ship. They get a working swing that seats two dolls. There is a buffet table where they can have lunch while watching the TV.

One of the best features is the pool that you can fill with water and have dolls slide into it down the water slide. It even has a working dolphin-shaped fountain. Be prepared for splashes!

Barbie playsets are always good durable toys that hold up well to extensive play and are often still good enough to be handed on to other kids if your child ever grows out of them! The Barbie cruise ship is no exception and we have no hesitation in giving it our 5 star recommendation.

What’s Not To Like?

We can’t find much to criticise here. I suppose attaching some of the stickers is not easy, even for an adult – children will need help with that, they’ll be disappointed with the result if they try to it themselves. Otherwise putting it together is simple.

As I’ve said, it is BIG, which might be an issue if your little girl only has a small bedroom and she wants to keep it out all the time. However, that is part of what makes it worth the price. It’s just something to keep in mind.

Dolls are not included, but any Barbie dolls that your child already has will fit in very well.

Barbie Sisters Cruise Ship Review Summary

A stunning Barbie playset for any little girl who likes Barbie – and even some who don’t! I think this is a better choice than a Barbie dolls house for most kids because there is so much to do.

It will keep any little girl entertained for hours of happy play, and she’ll keep coming back to it too. A wonderful toy, do get it for your child if you can.

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Barbie Cruise Ship Review

Our rating: 5 stars

Published 5 December 2012

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