Barbie ZipBin Dream House Review

Barbie ZipbinOur rating: 4.5 stars

Every parent sometimes gets frustrated with the mess that toys can make around the house! If your little one is a Barbie lover then she (or he) probably has tons of dolls, clothes and accessories that seem to get everywhere. The Barbie ZipBin Dream House and Playmat made by Neat-Oh offers a solution.

This isn’t exactly a house for Barbies, it’s more of a place to store and transport them and their stuff. Let’s see if it’s worth the money.

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Barbie ZipBin Dream House Toybox Demo Video

Neat-Oh Barbie ZipBin Dream House Toy Box and Play Mat Features

• Large box can hold 40 Barbie dolls or accessories
• Opens out to a play mat with two “walls” when unzipped
• Includes lid
• Wipe clean surfaces
• Good for tidying away or carrying toys
• Dolls are not included
• Age 3+

Barbie ZipBin Dreamhouse Toybox and Playmat Review

Barbie ZipbinProbably the first thing you’ll notice about the Dream House is that it’s big. You can get a lot in it. It’s also easy to transport and carry around to different places: perfect if your child likes to take her Barbies to friends’ homes or travelling.

It has a fun, colorful design. It’s covered in Barbie-related pictures. Although it doesn’t include actual items to go inside Barbie’s home, or compartments for different accessories, it does have a lot of images on the walls and mat, making it look something like a house. The inside of the lid doubles as a pool image.

Barbie Zipbin openMany kids have so many Barbie items that it’s difficult to be tidy with them. With the Barbie ZipBin Dream House toy box and play mat the idea is that everything can go in. And when they want to play, all they will need to do is unzip and all the dolls, toys and other accessories inside will just spread on the mat. It’s great for keeping everything in one place and can make tidying up very fast.

The sheer space inside this box is what most reviews seem to focus on. It can store up to 40 Barbie dolls! They stand up in the box so you can squash them all in. It’s perfect for any child who has a large Barbie collection.

Of course, if your child doesn’t have enough Barbie dolls to fill the box then it can be used to store other toys. If you have some Barbie Dream House furniture it’s a great place to store it so that when you open up the ZipBin the furniture can be arranged on the mat to make it look more like a real Barbie Dream House.

Of course Barbie’s accessories and clothes can also be stored, but there aren’t any compartments to sort them. If you have a lot of these items and a child who actually likes keeping things organised, you might want to consider getting a Barbie wardrobe.

The only thing to be aware of with the Neat-Oh! Barbie ZipBin is that it’s not that strong. It might get bent out of shape rather easily if kids are not careful with it, although that doesn’t have to stop them using it.

This is a great Barbie-themed box for throwing a lot of dolls and accessories into. The way it opens out to a play mat adds extra value and is particularly good for travelling. Altogether a good choice for a Barbie fan – and her parents!

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Our rating: 4.5 stars

Published 31 October 2013

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