Battroborg Battle Arena Battling Robots Review

Our rating: 3.5 stars

Battroborg Battle Arena The remote-controlled Battroborg battling robots are a little like the Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots from a generation ago, but with what’s said to be much better performance because of the new technology available today. The 3-in-1 Battroborg Battle Arena comes with two battling robots, and you can easily get more if you want more than two kids to be able to play together.

The sturdy robots are controlled by hand-held remotes, and Battroborg say that up to 20 robots can do battle in the 3-in-1 Battle Arena at the same time. So let’s step up to the plate and see just what the robots and the arena offer.

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Battroborg Battling Robots 3-in-1 Arena Review Video

Tomy 3-in-1 Battroborg Battle Arena Features

* The battling robots can copy kids’ own movements
* Motion-sensitive controllers
* Single player or multi player options
* 20 minute charge time gives 20 minutes of play
* Takes 8 AA batteries (for 2 robots and 2 controllers) – not included
* Age range: 6+

Battroborg Review: 3-in-1 Battle Arena

Battroborg Battle Arena The idea behind the motion-sensitive battling robots is that they are controlled by your own movements. If you throw a right punch, your robot does the same.

There are three modes of play. Head-to-head matchups allows two kids to play with one robot each, battling each other. The Battle Royale configuration is for bigger groups – up to 20 robots can be in the arena together (in theory – we think it would be rather crowded!). Then there’s the Autodrone single-player mode where one child plays against the arena.

In the box of the 3-in-1 Battroborg Battle Arena that we’re looking at, you get 2 Battroborg robots, 2 Nunchaku motion controllers, the battle arena, 4 training drones, 2 sticker sheets, 2 face sheets and an instruction sheet. Note that there are other sets available where you get only the arena, or only robots.

You can order more robots separately if you want them, but two is enough to get started. However, they do take 20 minutes to recharge for every 20 minutes of play time, so if kids want uninterrupted play you would need another two. They’re about 4 inches tall and they seem sturdy and durable, made from heavy duty plastic.

You’ll need 8 AA batteries to power the robots and remote controls. The remotes are said to work from up to 20 feet away, although most kids will want to get a lot closer!

There’s an instruction sheet that shows you how to move and punch. The instructions are in rather small print but you can also access them online. However it still takes a while to learn how to make them work in the best way and some younger or easily frustrated kids may give up too soon.

The main criticism from parents was that the Battroborg battling robots don’t completely live up to expectations. They’re small and as we’ve said, a little difficult to control. Plus they only really have two movements: they either punch and move to the right, or they punch and move to the left.

All the same, some kids love them. The robots and arena will probably suit kids who like robots, small cars, remote control vehicles and things that need figuring out. Kids who like gunfights, active games and running around might be happier with something like a Nerf N-Strike blaster.

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Our rating: 3.5 stars

Published 27 February 2014

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