Blingles Glimmer Glam Styler Studio Review

Blingles Glimmer Studio Our rating: 5 stars
The Glimmer Glam Styler Studio is the latest addition to Blingles Toys line of “bling oriented” fashion-conscious toys and accessories aimed mainly at young girls. It’s a glittering customizable sticker set that allows kids to express themselves in fashion statements and accessories, bringing out their unique style and giving a personal touch to whatever they own.

This kit is available at a very low price and seems to deliver the potential for a lot of expressive personalization. So let’s take a closer look to see exactly what you get.

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Blingles Glimmer Glam Styler Studio Features

* Sticker making kit can create up to 60 stickers
* 8 different glittering, sparkly designs
* Stickers will stick to almost any surface
* Personalize your clothes, shoes, purse, books, backpack, phone and more
* Age range: 6-10

Blingles Design Studio Glimmer Glam Styler Review

Blingles Glimmer Studio Most young girls and some young boys love to express themselves through fashion and design, as every parent knows. In the Blingles Glimmer Glam Styler Studio they get a glittering sticker maker so that they can express their personal style creating up to 60 stickers that they can put anywhere.

You get glimmer pen, glimmer brush and assorted glitters. There’s also a glitter collection tray, 16 large “gems”, 4 different glitter tubs, a glitter glam styler, eight sticker sheets and of course an instruction booklet. You can add other things that you may have too, like more glitter colours. A fashionable pink tray keeps everything in one place and means that it’s easy to carry around if you want to take it to a friend’s house or just keep it safely out of the reach of younger brothers and sisters.

Creating and customizing the stickers couldn’t be simpler. You choose a particular sticker style, then peel back only that section where you want to apply some glitter. Dip the provided roller in the glitter that you’ve chosen and roll it onto the sticker. Brush away any excess of glitter, then peel away the next section so that you can add more glitter there, either the same color or different. Blingles toys offer refill packs any time you need to stock up with more stickers.

Glitter can be messy so parents may want to set down some rules about when and where the sticker-making can happen, especially with kids at the younger end of the age range. Apart from that, there’s really no downside to this.

The range of accessories and tools in the kit means almost unlimited style possibilities. Kids can express themselves and develop art and design skills in a fashion-conscious way. The Blingles Glimmer Glam Styler Studio comes at an excellent price and if you have a style-minded sticker-loving child it’s sure to be a hit.

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published 26 February 2014

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