Bontempi Toy Saxophone Review

Bontempi SaxOur rating: 4 stars

One of the best ways to develop kids’ coordination, creativity and sense of rhythm from an early age is to encourage them to play and enjoy music. Older kids can play real instruments but little ones need a toy version that they can handle more easily.

The Bontempi toy saxophone is one of these. It isn’t unbearably loud like a real saxophone might be, but it does work, and it gives young children the experience of playing music all by themselves. Let’s look in more detail.

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Bontempi Saxophone Video

Bontempi Toy Saxophone Features

• Silver coloured body
• Hold down keys and blow to play different notes
• Instructions for playing 3 songs
• 16.5 inches long
• Age range: 3+

Bontempi Saxophone Review

Bontempi SaxThe first thing you’ll notice about the Italian-made Bontempi toy sax is that it has a realistic silver-coloured finish to the body, although it is made of plastic. The keys are colour-coded to make it easier for kids to remember which note is which.

To make it play you have to blow into it. It’s not electric and doesn’t need any batteries. So it really is very like playing a real sax in that the child has to blow pretty hard and hold down the different keys to make notes.

Good news for parents is that it doesn’t make a very loud noise. Kids can play on and on if they have the breath, and you probably won’t mind.

The Bontempi saxophone for kids that we have pictured here plays the 8 notes of a scale. There is another version which doesn’t have so many keys so there’s not so much potential for playing real songs. Even with the 8-key model, you can’t play sharps and flats which limits it to fairly simple tunes, but most children’s songs are simple melodies anyway. Instructions for three tunes are included showing the colour coding for the keys, and you or your child will easily be able to think of more. The songs in the instruction booklet are Jingle Bells, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Oh Susanna.

It’s not made of the strongest plastic and there is a risk of it breaking if it’s treated rough so you’ll need to encourage your child to take good care of it. This too is good training for when they move on to real instruments, which of course are expensive and delicate.

In summary, Bontempi have come up with a good product here at a reasonable price. It’s true that it could be even better but kids seem to love it. A good choice for a child who is beginning to show an interest in music.

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Our rating: 4 stars

Published 6 November 2013

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