Monster High Catty Noir Doll Review

Monster High Catty Noir thumbnailOur rating: 4.5 stars

Catty Noir is the newest doll released in the Monster High lineup. She has a black cat theme and was even released on a Friday the 13th, to keep up the spooky characters and superstitions of this doll series. But let’s take a closer look to see what this doll has to offer.

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Monster High Catty Noir Doll Video Review

Catty Noir Monster High Doll Main Features

• Cool new doll from the Monster High range
• Black cat-style doll with glamorous clothes
• Fully articulated
• Accessories include a brush and microphone
• Age range: 6+

Monster High Catty Noir Review

Monster High Catty NoirThe Monster High dolls have a reputation for quality and Catty Noir is made with the same attention to detail that we’ve come to expect. If you or your child are already a fan of the Monster High doll series then there’s no doubt that Catty Noir will be a welcome addition to the collection. She’s popular with all Monster High fans from age 6 to adult.

The Catty Noir doll has a lot of the characteristics of a black cat. The doll’s body is black from head to toe, including her long black tail. She has cat-like ears, shiny long pink hair, and silver and pink makeup that is very noticeable against her black skin tone.

Catty Noir wears knee-high silver boots and a beautiful long pink gown. There’s a spider web design on the bodice of the gown with the number 13 on one side. Her cat ears are pierced and she wears earrings. She also wears bangles on both wrists.

Catty Noir is a great addition to the Monster High lineup of quality dolls. She’ll make a wonderful toy or collector’s piece. She comes with her own biography and plenty of information in and on the box.

If you’re displaying your collection, you may find she’s not as stable on her stand as the other Monster High dolls. Her stand goes under her dress so it’s not as obvious as the ones that are around the dolls’ waists, which looks better but doesn’t hold her so securely.

All in all however she’s a well made and very striking, original doll. She’ll make a great gift for anyone who likes Monster High.

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Our rating: 4.5 stars

Published 28 October 2013

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