Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Figure Review

Our rating: 4 stars

Batman Catwoman Figure Video

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Whenever a new child-friendly movie comes out, there’s sure to be a whole series of toys and games related to it appearing on the market. Batman movies are no exception! The Movie Masters Collector series, produced by Mattel, offers figures of all of the main characters in the Dark Knight Rises series of Batman movies for you to collect.

In this review we’ll be looking at the Dark Knight Batman Catwoman figure. How does the Movie Masters Catwoman figure measure up against the high standards set by the movie? Read on to find out.

Catwoman boxedMovie Masters Catwoman Figure Key Features

* Catwoman figure from the Movie Masters Collector series
* 6 inches tall, built to scale
* Limbs move with many points of articulation
* Modelled after the character in the Dark Knight Rises movie
* Comes with one piece of the Batsignal to collect
* Age 12+

Movie Masters Catwoman Figure Review

One of the things that is great about the Batman movies is the strong, resourceful female figure of Catwoman. We love Catwoman and so do lots of boys and girls!

Dark Knight Rises Catwoman figureThe Movie Masters Catwoman figure from the Dark Knight Rises Batman series is described as a Catwoman action figure and that’s true in that many parts of her are articulated, so you can put her into different positions.

However, she doesn’t come with any weapons to use in combat which is a pity – and we wonder if it’s because she’s female? It’s also true that she doesn’t look a lot like the actress Anne Hathaway who played her in the Batman movies. These are the reasons why we’re taking off one star and only giving her a 4 star rating.

This Catwoman figure comes in different styles: goggles up or down, chase action or standing still. So you could get a slightly different Catwoman figure from the one in our picture.

Catwoman chase figureIn the same Movie Masters Collector series you can also get a Batman Figure, a Bane Figure and more. Each of these figures comes with a ‘Collect and Connect’ piece to create a lighted Batsignal.

The Catwoman figure from the Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters Collector series is definitely one to have if you want to collect these figures, or if you simply like the Catwoman character. If you have any of the others, you can’t miss out on adding Catwoman to your collection!

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Our rating: 4 stars

Published 9 December 2012

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