Doc McStuffins Check Up Centre Review

Our rating: 4.5 stars
Doc McStuffins Get Better Checkup centreThe Doc McStuffins Deluxe Get Better Check-Up Center from Just Play is an officially licensed toy modeled on the animated Disney Junior series that is a huge hit with kids, especially girls, aged around 3-5. With lots of medical-minded accessories (over 25 pieces) and plenty of different things to do, this playset is perfect for fans of the cartoon show. Let’s take a closer look and give the Doc McStuffins Checkup Centre a checkup of its own.

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Doc McStuffins Get Better Check Up Centre Review Video

Doc McStuffins Deluxe Get Better Check-Up Centre – Main Features

* Checkup table at the right height for a child
* Toy doctor’s equipment
* Lab coat to fit child
* Travel first aid kit
* Storage cupboard
* “Big Book of Boo Boos” explains injuries and illnesses
* Doc McStuffins’ pet and patient Lambie is included
* Total 27 pieces in all
* 2 AAA batteries required (not included)
* Age range: 3-6

Is the Doc McStuffins Check-Up Centre Right For Your Child?

Doc McStuffins Get Better CheckUp CenterThis playset is designed for young fans of the Doc McStuffins TV show who want to play at being doctor themselves. In the series, in case you don’t know, Doc McStuffins heals her toy friends, while also giving excellent life lessons for young viewers.

This is a complete toy medical center that has a checkup table where your child can examine and treat her toys, pretending they are patients. Any child who watches the TV series will love playing at being Doc herself, but even kids who have never seen the show will find a lot they can do with the equipment.

To make it even more like the TV show, the Doc’s pal Lambie has been included for your trainee Doctor to practise her medical skills on. When you put Lambie on the examining table, lights and sounds are activated. There’s an electronic “Big Book of Boo Boos” that your child can consult to decide on what treatment is needed (in American English a “boo boo” is a baby word for a minor injury like a graze or scratch). The built-in leaf on the operating table slides up and down to measure the height of the patient and there’s a scale to check the patient’s weight.

You get lots of different toy medical equipment including an otoscope, a toy mobile phone, and tons more. In the doors of the storage cabinet under the examining table there’s a sticker dispenser where you can peel off pretend Band-Aids. We’re reviewing the deluxe model here, which adds 14 bonus pieces not found in the standard checkup centre, including a child-sized lab coat for your child to dress in, and a mobile first aid kit full of accessories.

The packaging says three years of age and up, but this may be just a little young. Probably 4 or 5 is the ideal age for it and you certainly wouldn’t want to give it to a child under three.

Any child who likes the Doc McStuffins Disney Junior TV series will recognise the checkup centre right away. It’s sure to provide hours of play and enjoyment for any little future doctor who is a fan of the show.

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Our rating: 4.5 stars

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