Doc McStuffins Time For Your Check Up

Doc McStuffins DollDoc McStuffins Toys Review: ‘Time for Your Check Up’ Interactive Talking Doll (Disney/Just Play)

Our rating: 4.5 stars

Young fans of the TV show featuring Dottie ‘Doc’ McStuffins will be clamoring for Doc McStuffins toys this year. This pack includes the talking, singing Doc McStuffins interactive doll herself plus a set of medical instruments and a plush Lambie doll for Doc to practice her medical skills on. Lambie talks too!

This toy is already sold out in a lot of shops so you need to act fast if you want one. Amazon has stocks at the date I’m writing this review (October) but I guess they will sell out before Christmas.

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Doc McStuffins ‘Time For Your Checkup’ Features

Doc McStuffins Toys
* Doc McStuffins doll with solid body.
* Doc talks and sings the show’s theme tune.
* Soft, cuddly Lambie toy.
* Lambie talks too.
* Medical instruments for Doc to use on Lambie.
* Batteries are included.

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What’s Great About These Doc McStuffins Toys

The ‘Time For Your Checkup’ Doll is a great choice for any child who likes the Doc McStuffins show. Many kids who don’t know the show would love it too.

If you watch the TV show you will know that Dottie McStuffins is a little girl who wants to be a doctor just like her Mom. Her toys come to life and she gives them medical attention. That’s why she has the nickname of Doc.

The Doc McStuffins doll talks and sings the ‘Time for your checkup’ theme song from the show. Lambie says a few phrases too.

The included medical equipment allows Doc to check Lambie’s heart, ears and temperature. Lambie talks when the instruments are applied to her body, but you don’t have to use the instruments to make him talk.

Doc McStuffins is a show that has won a lot of praise for its positive images of African-American women. It’s inspiring for little girls to imagine that they can be a doctor no matter their ethnic origin and the fact that they are female. A lot of parents will really appreciate having a doll that brings these positive images into the home. In this respect Doc McStuffins toys beat regular dolls hands down.

The show is aimed at preschoolers and therefore the manufacturers recommend these Doc McStuffins toys for kids age 3-6. I think a lot of slightly older girls would love them too. Any child who likes dolls will find these Doc and Lambie figures a lot of fun to play with.

What’s Not To Like?

This is a toy that little girls will love and we don’t have a lot of criticism but I guess it would be nice if Doc’s toys fitted into her doll hands. She can’t hold them herself so when a child wants to have Doc take Lambie’s temperature or whatever, the child has to hold Lambie in one hand and Doc plus the thermometer in the other. So I guess that could be improved.

Batteries are included. They’re non-standard batteries (size AG13) but since the first set is included you have time to buy replacements and they are very cheap if you order online: see AG13 batteries.

Like so many interactive toys, there are no volume settings. I wish manufacturers would think about the parents as well as the kids when they are designing toys that talk and sing! But there IS an on/off switch which is great!

Doc McStuffins Toys Review Summary

Our rating: 4.5 stars

This is a must-have toy for any little girl who likes the Doc McStuffins show. There are other Doc McStuffins dolls and toys available but we think this is the best because you get Lambie and the medical equipment too. Highly recommended – get one for your child before they sell out!

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Doc McStuffins Time For Your Check Up Interactive Talking Doll Review

4 thoughts on “Doc McStuffins Time For Your Check Up

    1. Karen G Post author

      The one we reviewed was the 12 inch (30 cm) version. I believe there is now also a 9 inch (23 cm) and 5.5 inch (14 cm) version.

    1. Karen G Post author

      You probably don’t have this exact doll, then. With the one that we’ve linked to, the Lambie toy talks if you press her ear or her belly twice.


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