Electronic Toy Violin Review

Electronic Toy Violin pink Our rating: 3 stars

This electronic toy violin for kids claims to be an instrument that is always in tune so it won’t annoy parents like a real violin. But it has its own drawbacks. If you’re thinking of buying this item for your own kids or someone else’s, be sure to read our review below to find out what other buyers thought about it.

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Electronic Toy Violin For Kids Features

* Electronic toy violin plays different preprogrammed tunes
* Comes with a bow
* Requires 2 AA batteries
* Age range 3+ (we think 3-4)

Kids’ Electronic Toy Violin Review

Electronic Toy Violin thumbnailMost little children love toy musical instruments, but they’re not likely to have much musical ability at such as young age and their efforts can be hard on adult ears. The idea behind this Electronic Toy Violin is that kids will always make a harmonious sound with it, because it cannot be played badly.

This sounds great, but unfortunately, it also has some negative points. Its main advantage is that it’s easy for small children, because it requires absolutely no skill. All they have to do is touch the bow against the strings or push a button with their chin and it will start to play. However, they will not learn much about music.

The violin is small, 37 cm long, about 16 inches – a good size for very young children. But this does mean it would be too small for any child over about 4 years old.

As we’ve said, it’s easy to start playing the music, but some buyers said that the electronic toy violin often stops for no clear reason. Most parents and kids appreciated the music that it played – mostly classical violin melodies – but if you don’t like the violin, you probably won’t appreciate it.

There is no on/off switch and no volume control (eek!). Even though the strings are made of metal, several buyers considered them to be flimsy and breakable. The instrument itself does not seem to be made of very strong materials.

In online reviews of the electronic toy violin there are many complaints about the batteries being used very fast. Without an on/off switch, you have to take the batteries out to turn the violin off. So be sure to get rechargeable batteries, because kids will leave it on all the time unless you watch them closely.

On the positive side, it is cheap, as long as you have those rechargeables. However, there are other toy musical instruments available in the same price range that will help kids understand at least a little bit about the different musical notes. For example, take a look at our Bontempi toy saxophone review.

In summary, you might want to get this if you have a toddler who is interested in playing the violin but still too young for lessons, and you enjoy hearing classical violin music yourself. Just be prepared to spend time charging and changing the batteries for it.

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Our rating: 3 stars

Published 3 May 2014

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