Ever After High Royal and Rebel Dolls

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Ever After High dolls
Ever After High is a line of dolls for young girls. Based on the companion line of popular Monster High characters and made by the same company, Mattel, the Ever After High dolls take their characteristics and origins from popular fairy tales and fantasy stories.

Royal and Rebel are the two different classifications of dolls in the line. Altogether they offer almost two dozen characters. Let’s take an inside look at the Ever After High series and the different Royal and Rebel doll groups.

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Ever After High Dolls Video Review

Ever After High Royal and Rebel Dolls – Features

* Royal dolls feature princesses and other positive destinies
* Rebels are “self made” characters who strike their own path
* Based around Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and other girl-centered fairy tales
* Similar to the Monster High doll lineup
* Age range: 6+

Where Do The Ever After High Royal and Rebel Dolls Come From?

Ever After High dollsWhen you hear their names, e.g. Blondie Lockes, Apple White or Daring Charming, you’ll see at once that the Ever After High Royal and Rebel dolls have their origins (and their family history) in popular characters from timeless fantasy stories such as Goldilocks, Snow White and Cinderella. But the dolls are not all female. There are two characters called Narrators, one male and one female, who tell the story of Ever After High. The female narrator favours the Royal side of the story, while the male narrator supports the Rebel side.

There’s a rivalry between the two groups but there are a few characters who are neither a Royal or Rebel. One such is DJ N-Chant who uses his Imperial Gold Turntables to spin his favorite tunes as the DJ of Ever After High.

The basis of the story is the idea of what might happen if the children of famous fairytale characters all attended the same high school. In most cases the children follow in the footsteps of their famous fathers and mothers. However, Ever After High becomes divided into Royals, those happy with following their pre-written destinies, and Rebels who are intent on creating their own paths.

Although these Ever After High dolls clearly sprang from the popularity of the Monster High dolls and Mattel’s wish to extend that to another line, the dolls do look different from Monster High dolls. They seem more realistically human, with thicker bodies and different physical characteristics.

Each one comes with a key that you can use to remove the doll from its stand, and a special bookmark which tells the story of that character. The dolls are posable and well made. Their clothes are well designed too, with every character possessing different accessories which relate to its past and personality.

All in all these will be an excellent choice of gift for any child who likes Monster High or similar dolls.

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published 18 October 2013

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