Evil Furby vs. Nice Furby Video

In this video we’re going to watch the evil Furby face off against a nice Furby so you can see the contrast. But before we start I just want to say I didn’t make this video. In this video the white Furby is nice and the black Furby is evil. That seems kind of racist. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Any Furby can have any personality. You could have a white (or red or yellow or blue) evil Furby and a black nice Furby. Also, they change personality according to what you do to them. Okay, so we got that straight. Here’s the video:

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Don’t you just love it around 1.05 when the evil Furby farts and the other one says, “That wasn’t so nice!” It’s like the white one is trying to get the mean Furby to like him/her, but it just doesn’t work. I guess they are not getting along too well, huh?

Furbies can talk to each other with a high-pitched noise that they send back and forth. The app that you can get for the iPhone and other Apple products makes the high-pitched noise too.

This is something that’s new in the new Furby – they react to sound instead of using the infrared. In the old Furbies the infrared did all the work in the background and allowed the Furbies to put on a show to look like they were talking to each other. The new Furbies do the exact same thing only they use this high pitched sound to connect with each other (and iPhones) in order to talk back and fourth. They know what the other one is saying and? will sometimes copy cat each other or react to something that the other one said or did. So although they only react to sound and touch, they communicate much better with each other than the old Furbies did with their sensors.

More Furby videos: watch two Furbies talking to each other.

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