First Barbie Commercial 1959

I just found the first Barbie commercial, made in 1959 when Mattel released the first Barbie dolls onto the toy market. Here it is:

1959 Barbie Commercial

Isn’t it cute? I love the song, kind of sparkly but laid back at the same time.

Who knew there were different models of Barbie doll right from the start? I sure didn’t. But there’s a blonde one and a brunette right there in the first ever Barbie commercial.

And all those outfits! I love the hat on the one holding the flowers. And there’s one on the right wearing a cool white dress with a full skirt. But my absolute favorite is the black evening dress that makes her look like a cabaret singer.

I guess she came in just the swimsuit and then you had to buy all the outfits. That was a neat marketing ploy, almost guaranteeing that everybody would buy at least one set of clothes to go with the first Barbie doll.

In the 1959 Barbie commercial she has a wedding dress too, although she didn’t even meet Ken until 1961 so I don’t know what she was doing having her whole bridal outfit ready to go two years before that! Was she just hoping, or is there something Mattel are not telling us? Was Barbie secretly engaged to somebody else before Ken came on the scene…?!

Barbie 1959 commercial


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