Fisher-Price Travel Doodler Pro Review

FisherPrice Travel Doodler ProFisherPrice Travel Doodler Pro Review

Our rating: 4 stars

The Fisher-Price Travel Doodler Pro is a smaller version of the well known Fisher-Price Classic Doodler and it’s well designed for young hands. There are grips on both sides and the pen is tethered so it can’t get lost. But how does it measure up in practice? Let’s take a look.

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FisherPrice Travel Doodler Pro Features

* Travel sized version of the Fisher-Price Classic Doodler
* Design has been improved from older versions of Doodle Pro
* Easy sliding eraser function
* Two “grab and go” handles make it quick and easy to carry
* Stylus is attached so it won’t be lost
* Age range: 3-6

Fisher-Price Travel Doodler Review

The Fisher-Price Travel Doodler Pro is a travel-sized version of the bigger Classic Doodler. Measuring approx 23 x 20 cm (9 x 8 inches), it’s still a good size for kids to draw on. The pen is attached to the side so it won’t be lost and there are two big grips on the sides so kids can hold it while they draw.

FisherPrice Travel Doodler ProThe Travel Doodler is good for any kind of drawing. You simply slide the eraser to wipe everything out when you’re ready to start a new work of art!

It keeps kids entertained and most of them will love it. The main issue that parents had with it was that it doesn’t last as long as you might hope. After a while, patches develop that won’t erase. It’s still usable but doesn’t erase cleanly as it should. So for that reason we’re only giving it 4 stars.

On the other hand kids might not care about this or you might not mind getting another one after a while if your kids really like it and use it a lot.

So in summary, this is a good toy for kids who like to draw when travelling. You won’t have ink all over your car seats at the end of the journey or children crying for dropped crayons while you drive. And of course, kids can use it at home too.

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Our rating: 4 stars

Published 2 May 2014

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