Flutterbye Flying Fairy Review

Flutterbye Flying Fairy thumbOur rating: 2 stars for age 5-7, 3.5 stars for age 8+

The Flutterbye Fairy really flies, controlled by a wave of your child’s hand – or that’s the idea. She takes to the air like magic. There are three different colors available, Pink Flower, Purple Stardust and Gold Sunbeam, designed to appeal to young girls, although boys like the flying motion too. How does she measure up in practice? Let’s see.

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Flutterbye Flying Fairy Video Review

Flutterbye Flying Fairy – Main Features

* Toy flies as if by magic above your child’s hand
* Beautiful glittery wings and molded dress
* Aimed at young girls aged 5 to 9 – we think 8+ is better
* Takes 6 AA batteries (not included)

Flutterbye Flying Fairy Reviews

The Flutterbye Flying Fairy should work much like a remote control helicopter, but controlled by your child’s hand instead of from a console.

Flutterbye Flying FairyBefore she can fly, she needs to be charged. To do this you need to move the power switch in the off position, and then snap her into her charging base/display stand which holds the batteries. (Note that it needs 6 AA batteries, more than many toys, and they’re not included.) When she is fully charged, you turn on her power switch, take her off the base and she will usually fly straight up. Children should feel like they are empowering the fairy to fly when she takes off from their hands.

Unfortunately her takeoff can be much faster and more powerful than you expect. At first she is likely to hit your ceiling. Kids are sometimes scared by this and it’s best if you have high-ceilinged rooms so that she doesn’t seem like a dive-bomber right above their heads. She’s unlikely to crash into anything on the ground in fact, at least until she runs out of power, because of the sensors in the underneath that let her know when she approaches a solid object. This is why a small wave upward of your child’s hand as the fairy descends will cause her motor-driven wings to speed up, and she takes off again.

Flutterbye Flying Fairy may power off and fall when she strikes something, so it is best advised to use it in a larger room with higher ceilings. Do not use this outdoors, or she could end up stuck on a roof or in a tree.

Your kids can be shown how to slowly wave their hands underneath the descending fairy to make her fly higher. They always seem to enjoy this action, feeling that the fairy is obeying their wishes – as long as she actually does of course.

The main criticism from customers is that she can be very hard to control. Younger kids are often scared of the speed that she flies at, and she might be a better purchase for older kids, say 8 years and up, who are more likely to be able to control her. However from the reviews it does seem that the company needs to do more research to improve the product, too.

The color schemes and costumes of the Flutterbye Flying Fairy dolls are definitely marketed toward young girls, but young boys can be enthralled by the flying motion as well. In theory this toy is perfect for any child with a fanciful and magical imagination. In practice you might get it for a child age 8 and over, or wait until they come out with a Flutterbye Mark 2.

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Our rating: 2 stars for age 5-7, 3.5 stars for age 8+

Published 17 October 2013

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