Hexbug Nano v2 Hurricane Review

Hexbug Nano V2 Black Hole tOur rating: 3.5 stars

Hexbugs are robotic insect-like creatures that run around in a very realistic way – horribly realistic if you don’t like bugs, but most kids adore them! The Nano V2 Hexbugs have been constructed with bristles on their backs that allows them to defy gravity by climbing vertically inside their special tubes.

With this Hexbug Nano habitat set you can construct different configurations of a habitat for them to move around in. Kids can watch it happily for hours – if it works correctly. Let’s have a look to see what makes these little creatures such a hit with kids – and why they might not be so great for parents.

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Hexbug Nano v2 Hurricane Habitat Set Review Video

Note: The Hexbug Nano v2 Black Hole or Cylone is the name for this set in the USA. In the UK it is marketed as Hurricane.

Hexbug Nano v2 Hurricane Large Play Set Features

* Customizable three-level expandable set
* Hexbug robots act like real-life insects, even climbing vertically
* Includes one Hexbug Nano bug
* Spiral tube accessory
* Special black funnel and crows nest features
* 2 hex cell bases, fixed pegs, rotating flags and tubes so you can control the flow of traffic
* The bug takes one AG13 (LR44) battery (included)
* Age range: we think 6+ (the company says 3+)

Hexbug Nano Habitat Set ‘Hurricane’ Review

Hexbug Nano V2 Black HoleKids and even adults will love the intelligent little insect-like robot that crawls up, down and sideways through the tubes of this Hexbug Nano habitat set. You get one bug with the set and after you put together the tubes, you’ll be fascinated to watch it crawling and climbing like a real bug.

The set includes 3 straight tubes, 11 curved tubes, 19 connectors and a Black Hole funnel that the bug will dramatically fall through at some point on his tour. You can configure it different ways but it’s not that flexible if you want to include all of the three different exit points. Kids can try to guess which of the different ways out their bug will find, or control them using the supplied flags and pegs that make the bugs go in a particular direction or block a route for them.

One Hexbug Nano is included so you can get started. The bugs are available to buy separately if you want more. The set is compatible with other Nano playsets and bugs, but if you have the older style of bugs without the bristles on the back, they won’t be able to climb – you need the Hexbug Nano v2 type for this set.

You’ll probably also want more batteries so the bug doesn’t ‘die’ on a disappointed child!

The bugs are amazingly cool, crawling like real insects, and we definitely recommend them. The main drawback to the set is the fact that the bugs can get stuck in the tunnels and then you have to take it apart to get them out. Since little kids are not going to be able to do that for themselves, it could be very annoying for a parent. For that reason we don’t recommend this for under fives, although the company say 3+. For a child aged around 6 to 8, you’ll probably need to set it up the first time, but we’d hope that once they see it done they’ll be able to release stuck bugs by themselves.

This is a fun and intriguing toy for any child who enjoys robots, science, construction or otherwise has an inquiring mind. It’s also an award-winner. It’s not that educational perhaps but the way they can control the bugs sets up a challenge for kids, and having to release the bugs will help their co-ordination skills even if it’s frustrating for younger ones. Recommended for the right child.

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Our rating: 3.5 stars

Published 13 February 2014

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    1. Karen G Post author

      Louise, yes they would like it, but as I said in the review, a child of that age probably can’t fix it when bugs get stuck, so personally I would not get it for under 6 years old.


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