Holiday Barbie 2012 Review

Holiday Barbie 2012 blondeBarbie Collector 2012 Holiday Doll Review (Mattel)

Our rating: 5 stars for collectors
2 stars as a toy

There’s a long tradition of Christmas Barbie dolls, now called Holiday Barbie. They’re beautiful, but they’re intended for display. Still, you might want to buy one for a child who loves Barbie dolls.

The Holiday Barbie 2012 is available in blonde or African American (more photos below). So how does she measure up? Let’s take a look.

Holiday Barbie 2012 Features

* The official Christmas Barbie 2012.
* Dressed in classic Christmas red.
* Strapless brocade and tulle dress with full skirt.
* Beautiful hair styling and makeup.
* Available in blonde or African American.
* Comes in decorated box for display.
* For Barbie collectors age 6+

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Barbie Holiday 2012 Video

What’s Great About the Barbie 2012 Holiday Doll

Holiday Barbie 2012 vertical
Barbie is one of the most popular toys for girls in the world. The first Barbie doll was released in 1959 so there are several generations of Barbie lovers who keep and collect the dolls. There are now so many different versions of Barbie that it’s difficult for anybody to collect them all, and the Barbie holiday dolls are probably the most popular with collectors.

Many collectors are adults but they mostly started by loving Barbie dolls when they were younger. A Christmas Barbie can be a wonderful gift for a little girl who appreciates its beauty. She’ll just need to be old enough to understand that it’s intended for display and not for play.

This year’s Holiday Barbie is a beautiful boxed doll available in two forms: white/blonde and African American. It’s sure to be one of the bestselling new Barbie dolls 2012.

The first thing that will strike you about this doll is just how beautiful she is. She wears a gorgeous deep red tulle ballgown dress that fits in with a traditional holiday theme perfectly.

There are some lovely glitter details that really set the outfit off. The red and silver glitter theme is repeated on the decorative box. Then there are the matching necklace and earrings which make this Barbie look like a million dollars. She is beautifully made up and she has pretty little shoes. It’s that kind of detail that makes collectors love holiday Barbie dolls so much.

She also has a stunning big bold hairstyle that really sets her apart from the average Barbie doll. Her hair is swept onto one shoulder and arranged in generous waves that you long to touch. All in all, holiday Barbie 2012 is one of the most glamorous Barbie dolls ever.

The two forms of this doll, blonde and African American, are equally beautiful. There are some small differences between them that will make many collectors want them both. Their faces are quite different, with the African American doll having slightly fuller lips, a longer nose and stunning eye makeup. Any collector of black Barbie dolls will certainly want to add the African American Holiday Barbie 2012 to their shelf.

What’s Not So Great

You probably wouldn’t want to buy this as a toy. A collector wouldn’t take it out of the box. A child could play with it, but it doesn’t have the functionality of a regular Barbie doll. The arms and legs are hollow, the dress is delicate and some of the detail on the front is not continued on the back.

Little girls will love it if they are interested in collecting Barbies for display, so it will be fine for some kids, but if your child is more interested in hands-on play with her Barbies then you’ll want to get her a different Barbie doll.

2012 Holiday Barbie Review Summary

This is a beautiful Barbie collector doll in a traditional red dress and decorated box. It’s mainly for display and is not intended to be played with as a toy, but Barbie collectors will love the 2012 Christmas Barbie.

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Holiday Barbie 2012 Review

Our rating: 5 stars for collectors
2 stars as a toy

Published 5 December 2012

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