Hover Assault Helicopter Review

Hover Assault Helicopter blackAir Hogs Hover Assault RC Helicopter Review

Our rating: 3.5 stars

The Air Hogs Hover Assault remote control helicopter is a new and unique RC vehicle that will speed across the ground, hop over obstacles and even take off for full flight.

What’s more, it has missiles that you can shoot from the ground or the air. Sounds like a super fun toy! But is there a downside? Read on to find out.

Hover Assault Helicopter Features

* Remote control helicopter.
* Works on ground and air (drive, jump, fly).
* Remote missile launching.
* Includes 8 plastic missiles.
* Available in black or red.
* Age 8+

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Air Hogs Hover Assault Video

What’s Great About the Hover Assault Air Hogs RC Helicopter

The Hover Assault remote control helicopter from Air Hogs is a fun toy that kids will love to play with.

It travels along the ground in any direction except reverse, driven by its rotors. It jumps or hops which is great for getting it over obstacles or onto different levels. It even flies in the air.

Hover Assault Helicopter RedChildren love the ability to shoot missiles from it, especially from the air. It takes 4 plastic missiles (you get 8 with the toy, so you can lose some and still have it work). The best thing about the shooting is that the missiles come out one at a time, so you can aim at several different targets. Targets are included with the toy too.

The manufacturers say that it’s suitable for indoor or outdoor use but unless you have a huge space to use it in, you probably wouldn’t want to fly it in the house. It will hit the ceiling pretty fast! But it’s fine for driving and doing hops inside.

Outside, it works on hard surfaces but not so well on grass. The rechargeable power unit will keep it flying for about 5-10 minutes and longer if you use it mostly on the ground. To fly it, you increase the throttle speed from half power to full power, so it uses its charge quicker when flying.

What’s Not So Great

The main issue with the Hover Assault RC helicopter is that it’s not easy to fly. It always takes time to learn to fly a remote control helicopter but this one is rather unstable in the air. It’s difficult to control the direction of flight or get it to hover. Younger children especially could find this frustrating.

For children who have not used an RC vehicle before, we recommend starting with something simpler like the Nikko Radio Control Vaporizr. But for kids who already have at least one remote control vehicle and are looking for something unique, this could be a good choice.

Hover Assault Review Summary

Any child who likes remote control vehicles will want to add this unusual RC helicopter to his collection. It will provide hours of amusement with the different things it can do. We think there is room for improvement, but it’s still a good toy for the price.

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Hover Assault Helicopter Review

Our rating: 3.5 stars

Published 6 December 2012

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