KidKraft Wooden Adjustable Easel Review

Kidkraft Easel thumbnailOur rating: 4 stars

The double-sided adjustable Kidkraft wooden easel offers a number of features to bring out the creativity in your child. It seems to offer a lot more than the smaller plastic versions and should last longer. It also has plenty of storage space for everything your little artist will need.

With its durability and storage options, this should be the perfect piece of equipment for an artistic family or anyone who wants the best for their kids. Let’s take a closer look to see how it measures up in practice.

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Kidkraft Deluxe Wood Easel Features

• 2 sides, whiteboard and chalkboard
• 2 anti-spill paint cups
• Paper dispenser for painting
• Easy refill of painting paper
• Trays for pens and other art supplies
• White, natural or espresso wood finish (subject to availability)
• Age range: 3-8

KidKraft Wooden Adjustable Easel Review

Kidkraft EaselIf you have children who love to paint and draw, this wooden easel could be a great choice for your family. Even kids who aren’t much into drawing will find it easier to express themselves creatively when they have a choice of whiteboard, chalkboard or painting paper to use.

Made by the well known manufacturers KidKraft, this easel has a solid wood design. It’s strong and sturdy and should stand up to years of use by several children. It’s double-sided so you can have two children using it at the same time without fighting for space.

The Kidkraft wooden adjustable easel has a lot of good extra features that you don’t find on every easel, like anti-spill paint cups and plenty of storage space for organising chalks, pens, crayons and other supplies. It folds flat for storage although it’s still relatively big.

The height is adjustable so that as your kids grow, your KidKraft easel can grow with them – up to a certain point, of course. It’s recommended for children from age 3 to 8.

Some assembly is required and it’s reported to take anything up to an hour. You do get instructions for assembly but don’t try to do it with an impatient child hanging off your arm!

One thing to note is that the chalkboard has a synthetic surface which is not as easy to chalk on as the old-fashioned blackboard style. However most kids want their creations to be permanent and hung on walls so paper is often the best option. The handy paper dispenser at the top of the easel allows you to roll paper down and cut it off as needed.

In summary, this is a good quality easel although perhaps not quite as special as you might expect for the price. Before ordering, you might want to also consider the Step2 two-sided easel which is a lot cheaper (and looks it). It really depends on your budget and how important it is for you to have real wooden play equipment.

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Our rating: 4 stars

Published 5 November 2013

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