Lalaloopsy Harmony B Sharp Review

Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Stars: Harmony B Sharp (MGA Entertainment)

Lalaloopsy Harmony B SharpOur rating: 4.5 stars

Lalaloopsy Harmony B Sharp is the latest in the super-popular line of Lalaloopsy dolls. She sure is cute in a way that really appeals to little girls, with an adorable round face and big eyes, but Harmony B Sharp has extra attractions: she talks, sings and even dances!

Yes, when Harmony B Sharp is hooked up to her stand, she dances along to the songs that she’s singing (a different one for each of her ‘silly hair’ hairstyles). But she’s not cheap, so is this latest Lalaloopsy doll worth what she costs? We find out.
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Lalaloopsy Harmony B Sharp SetWhat You Get With Harmony B Sharp

* Harmony B Sharp doll figure
* with articulated arms, legs and head.
* Harmony talks, sings and dances.
* Stand for her to dance on.
* Pet cat who rattles along to the beat.
* Six different ‘silly hair’ styles.
* A different song for every hairstyle.
* Plastic pouch to keep her accessories organized.
* Suitable for children age 4-15.

What’s So Fun About Lalaloopsy Harmony B Sharp?

Harmony B Sharp is one of those toys that little girls can’t help loving! A lot of adults can’t resist either and she’s a must-have collectible for anybody who collects this type of doll.

The story behind Lalaloopsy dolls is that each one began as a regular rag doll but just as the last stitches were sewn to finish making them, they came to life. Harmony wants to be a singer and she looks the part in her sparkly blue and pink dress. Her rattling pet kitty helps kids keep the beat while she sings.

Harmony is an adorable companion who talks and sings whether or not she is attached to her stand. She comes with 6 plug-in hairstyles that make her sing different songs. All the songs sound real different so the choice is entertaining in itself. She’ll sometimes ask for a particular hairstyle to be put in because she wants to sing that song. This gives her the feel of an interactive toy.

Then when you hook her up to her stand, she can also dance. She moves her arms and shakes her legs which is cute and entertaining. Her hair twirls as she sings and dances too. You can put in a new hairstyle any time and have her sing a different song. Batteries are included so Harmony is ready to go, right out of the box.

What’s Not To Like?

You have to be sure to keep all of Harmony B Sharp’s hairstyles safe because if you lose them, she can’t sing those songs any more. She comes with a plastic pouch to keep them organized and that’s going to be fine with kids who are good at looking after their stuff. The best way is to be real clear with the child that this is what’s going to happen if the hair is lost, and be sure that they put everything in the pouch whenever they finish playing.

Lalaloopsy Harmony B Sharp Review Summary

Lalaloopsy Harmony B Sharp PackOur rating: 4.5 stars

Harmony B Sharp is not the cheapest of the Lalaloopsy dolls but she’s unique and worth the price for the right child. She’s very cute and lots of fun. Any little girl who gets this doll will have a big smile on her face!

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Lalaloopsy Harmony B Sharp Review

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