LeapPad 2 Power Learning Tablet Review

Our rating: 4.5 stars
LeapPad PowerThe LeapFrog LeapPad 2 Power Learning Tablet is an upgrade of the LeapPad Explorer 2. It has more power, more included apps, and a longer battery life so it keeps kids entertained and learning for longer with less frustration.

Learning tablets are a great way for kids to begin finding out about the technology that will be a huge part of their lives. If your child doesn’t have a learning tablet yet, this is probably the best choice right now. Read on to see why.

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LeapFrog LeapPad2 Review Video

(This child is 6 years old)

LeapPad Power Tablet Features

* Kids can create, learn and explore on this tablet-like device
* Front and back view camera and video recorder
* ebook reader
* Motion sensor
* 5″ touch screen
* Available in green or pink
* 4 GB memory
* Rechargeable battery pack included
* Comes with 9 apps and you can buy more from the store
* Age range: 3-9

LeapPad 2 Power Reviews

LeapPad Power verticalIf you have a child who is curious about technology and wants to play with your electronic devices – and most children do! – it’s probably time to get them a LeapPad. Kids are getting into technology faster and faster, and if you want to stay in control of your own tablet and phone it’s better to get them something of their own.

Children’s tablets are designed to be durable and safe, with access limited to suitable activities for kids. The LeapPad from LeapFrog has been a market leader ever since its first model was released a few years ago, and the Power model is an excellent choice for a first tablet purchase.

Tablets combine learning with play and creative activities. Kids can write, draw and play educational games on them. The LeapPad Power comes with 9 applications including some that are realistically “grownup” like a calendar, notepad and stopwatch. There’s also a Photo Lab, Art Studio and a couple of games with plenty more apps available to buy at the download library.

The tablet also has front and back cameras, allowing kids to see their target in the viewfinder even if they are taking a picture of themselves. The cameras also act as video recorders.

The battery that comes with this model is said by the manufacturers to last for 9 hours, which is basically a whole day of play, more than you get with most other children’s tablets. You get a recharge pack too so you can simply charge it up overnight. The LeapPad 2 Power is faster than previous versions of the tablet – and also faster than the first release of the new LeapPad Ultra which seems to have serious processing power issues.

That brings us on to …

What You Need To Know

The only issue with the Leap Pad 2 Power tablet is that since LeapFrog have already released the LeapPad Ultra, they are focusing app development on that. That’s our only reason for taking off half a star here. We can’t recommend the Ultra at the moment (late August 2013) because customers are reporting that it’s way too slow to load apps and kids find it very frustrating. If you’re reading this in September/October or later, we hope they will have sorted this out and you might want to check out recent customer reviews of the LeapPad Ultra.

In the meantime we recommend you stick with LeapPad 2 Power (includes battery pack with extra power) or the basic LeapPad2 Explorer. You’ll save money too, because they’ve dropped the price quite a lot since the Ultra was released.

If you already have the LeapPad2 Explorer it may not be worth upgrading to Power – there are not that many differences and it’s probably better to wait until they sort out the issues with the LeapPad Ultra. But if your child doesn’t yet have a learning tablet, the LeapPad2 Power is probably the best choice right now.

The exception might be for children at the bottom of the age range (3-4) where you might want to consider the Innotab 3 instead. But generally, the LeapPad gets better reviews.

The Verdict

LeapFrog’s LeapPad 2 Power is excellent value for money. It’s still the best learning tablet for kids on the market in our opinion and you get high power and a battery pack included. Highly recommended.

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Our rating: 4.5 stars

Published August 28th, 2013

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