GeoVision Micropro Microscope Review

Micropro 2Our rating: 4 stars

The Micropro is a microscope designed especially for kids, giving them the chance to see everyday items and specimens from the natural world up close. But is it really a good choice compared to buying “real” microscopes for children? We’ll have a look through the lens in this review.


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Learning Resources GeoVision Micropro Microscope Features

• 48-piece Microscope Set
• Power settings from 50x to 600x
• Rack and pinion focusing
• Clear images
• Professional slides
• Built-in light
• Glass eyepieces
• Age range: 8+

GeoVision Micropro Microscope Review

This Educational Insights/Learning Resources microscope is designed to make science more accessible for children. It’s simple and straightforward to use and suitable for a wide age range. The images are presented clearly thanks to the built-in light. All in all its purpose is to make it easier for children to learn about all the things that are in the world around them.

Micropro 2There are 48 pieces in the set altogether including specially created glass eyepieces, which include various natural forms that children can easily study. On top of that they can create their own glass eyepieces with other plant or animal species. They are provided all the necessary tools in order to do this. This is a lot of fun for kids!

This microscope is a very affordable toy. It’s suitable for a wide age range although you should note that some of the tools are sharp or delicate. It’s not safe for under-3s and probably best for children in the 8 to 12 age range, although some children may be able to handle it at a slightly younger age and some teens or even adults will enjoy it too.

You should note that the GeoVision Micropro is a toy, not a professional quality microscope. The price reflects this and so does the quality of the materials used. The eyepieces are rather easily scratched and children will need to be careful with the equipment generally.

However, it’s a good first microscope to buy for a child. Some kids will never need another, while others who take science seriously might graduate to a standard microscope designed for adults after a while. It’s an excellent way to get kids involved in science and nature studies, being a very educational toy that is also a lot of fun.

In summary, the Micropro microscope for children is extremely easy to use and its overall performance is good. It may not be exactly what you would get from a “real” microscope but it’s perfect for kids who are not ready for a complex piece of equipment and the price is excellent.

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Our rating: 4 stars

Published 31 October 2013

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