Lego The Lone Ranger Colby City Showdown

Lego Lone Ranger contentsOur rating: 5 stars

The Lone Ranger Colby City Showdown set #79019 is another great idea from Lego. This construction and play set includes a number of different scenarios in the world of cowboys and the Wild West.

The only limit to play is a child’s imagination and at first sight this Lego set looks like it will be great for engaging the hands and mind of your child. Let’s have a closer look to see what this building set has to offer.

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Lego The Lone Ranger Colby City Showdown Review Video

Lego The Lone Ranger Colby City Showdown #79019: Features

• Sheriff’s office
• Bank
• Small wagon
• 587 pieces
• 5 minifigures – Lone Ranger, Tonto, Texas Ranger Dan Reid, and 2 bandits
• Weapons – 3 guns, 1 tomahawk, dynamite
• Accessories include handcuffs, keys, sack, 2 silver bars and more
• Age range: 8-14

Lego Lone Ranger set 79109: Colby City Showdown Review

Lego Lone Ranger boxedAnyone who enjoys Lego will probably love the Colby City Showdown, an original one of the Lego Lone Ranger sets with accessories encouraging kids to act out whole scenes with the different parts after they are built. And kids who are new to Lego can still enjoy this set by learning to follow the building plans and construct designs.

Lego Lone Ranger contentsThere is great attention to detail in this Lego set which is number 79019. Let’s take the sheriff’s office, for example. When you’ve built the sheriff’s office you’ll find it has a door that opens and closes. Inside there’s a holding jail cell with an exploding wall function and there’s also a cannon on the roof. The sheriff’s desk has plenty of accessories including a chair, desk, table, mug, handcuffs, rifle, and keys just like you might see in the Lone Ranger on TV.

There’s also a bank to build which is mainly a facade. The bank doesn’t have so many accessories but it still has functioning doors that open to the vault where the silver is stored. So you can play at having the bandits rob the bank and then Tonto, the Texas Ranger and the Lone Ranger chase after them and bring them back to the jail. That’s the basis of the back story to the Colby City Showdown.

As ever this is a high quality Lone Ranger set from Lego. The pieces are strong and almost unbreakable, although of course the constructions can be taken apart and rebuilt. The figures are good and it offers plenty of scope for imaginative play, especially for kids who enjoy staging shootouts. A good one to add to any Lego collection.

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published 4 November 2013

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