Lego Minecraft Village Review

Lego Minecraft VillageOur rating: 4 stars

The sandbox style construction game Minecraft has been a worldwide PC and gaming console sensation in the last few years. This physical Lego set based on the game has a full 466 pieces and in-depth instructions. Anyone 10 years of age and up who is familiar with Lego and Minecraft will definitely want to get their hands on this excellent representation and adaptation of the Minecraft PC game experience. Let’s open the box and see exactly what you get.

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Lego Minecraft Village Review Video

Lego Minecraft The Village, Set #21105, Features

* Totally customizable with 466 pieces
* Farm and mine shaft with cart rails
* TNT and removable wall sections for explosions
* Includes Zombie, Villager and Pig characters
* Snow-capped mountain and lush garden environment
* Compatible with other Lego Minecraft sets
* Age range: 10+

Lego Minecraft Micro World: The Village

Lego Minecraft VillageThis is one of three Lego building kits that allow Minecraft gamers to bring their PC and gaming console experience into the physical world. Lego have a license to build physical Minecraft toys and pieces and came out with the first one a couple of years ago. Their first set has now been renamed the Lego Minecraft Original (set 21102) and they have brought out a new set, #21105, called Minecraft Micro World: The Village. This allows you to construct villages actually found in the Minecraft game, with a lot of attention to detail.

You can combine this biome with others in the range to create your own personalized Lego Minecraft environment, just like in the virtual Minecraft world. Lego Minecraft The Village 21105 can be broken down into four individual sections. You can reconfigure or customize it as you like. You get the familiar Micromob characters of Pig, the Villager and the Zombie along with the village itself.

Lego Minecraft Village 2Just like in the gaming experience, it’s fun to add your own personal touch by altering and adding houses and crops. You should be aware the tiles, plates and blocks used to construct the Minecraft village are smaller and not compatible with standard Lego bricks. However, Minecraft game aficionados will appreciate the characteristics of the playing pieces and the way they allow extreme customization.

You can “grow” crops and design your own houses, but you must keep a lookout for the destructive Minecraft Zombies. You’ll see that tiles and plates have different colours to represent different environments, objects or characteristics.

With the Lego Minecraft village you can construct a mineshaft, TNT detonator, garden crops, snow-covered mountain backdrop and individual villager’s homes. It’s set number 21105, and it’s highly recommended for those virtual gamers who enjoy the popular Minecraft game, as well as Lego builders and collectors looking for a new and different Lego experience.

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Our rating: 4 stars

Published 29 October 2013

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  1. Mincrafter

    If you need to create a flying city or structures from the sky, in the end you have to create a simple one block wide tower as much as the extent where you intend to build. Have fun!


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