Magformers 62 Piece Set Review (Designer Set)

Magformers 62 piece setOur rating: 5 stars

With Magformers, you can create almost any shape or design. Their colourful pieces are unique and hugely popular. Your constructions are held together with the power of strong magnets. Kids love them!
The Magformers Magnetic Construction 62 Piece Designer Set would work either as your first Magformers purchase or an extra set for a family who already have at least one basic set. But they aren’t cheap. Are they worth what you pay? Let’s have a look.

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Magformers Magnetic Building Construction Video

Magformers Magnetic Construction 62 Piece Designer Set Features

* 62 magnetic pieces in different shapes and colours
* Designer shapes new in this set: 2 diamond and 4 trapezoid pieces
* Strong, longlasting materials
* Very easy to build with
* Powerful magnets hold the pieces together well
* Instruction booklet for construction ideas
* Age range: 3 to adult

Magformers 62 Piece Set Review (Designer Set)

Magformers 62 piece set constructionMagformers could be the perfect present for children of almost any age who like to build things. Both girls and boys love them, and it’s interesting to see the different types of things they build with them. If this is your first Magformers magnetic building construction set, it probably won’t be your last!

Magformers are strong, brightly coloured construction pieces whose edges stick together using magnets, which are hidden safely inside the pieces. (Nevertheless these sets are not recommended for children under 3 for safety reasons.)

You can build almost any kind of object, limited only by your imagination. They stay together well, so for smaller children they are much less frustrating than the average construction set. Kids can put pieces where they want and be sure they will stay.

There’s an instruction booklet included in the set, with details of how to build a number of structures with Magformers magnetic construction pieces. Some of these plans may need pieces from other sets. All the same, this is a good way to get kids started if they are stuck for ideas – but most won’t be! You can build virtually anything, from toy car garages to spaceships and dolls houses.

One mother reviewing the set on said that all four of her children from a toddler to a teenager will play with Magformers. The youngest one is learning the names of the shapes and colours. Her 4-year-old makes buildings, while the 7-year-old girl creates barns for her farm animals and houses for her dolls. The teenager and even the mother enjoy playing with them too.

Another mother agreed that she and her husband love to build things with Magformers. They construct endless “new” toys for their little one to play with.

In this Designer set you’ll get some pieces that aren’t found in other Magformers magnetic building sets, i.e. 2 diamonds and 4 trapezoids. This opens up more possibilities than the basic square and triangle pieces. The other 56 pieces are made up of 22 squares, 20 triangles and 14 isosceles triangles.

Magformers are award winners, with an award in the 2012 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio award. So you can be sure the quality is high.

What You Need To Know Before You Buy

The only real problem with Magformers is that if this is your first magnetic building construction set, you’re sure to want more! And they’re not cheap.

This Magformers 62 piece set gives children almost limitless possibilities for imaginative and constructive play. However, with only 62 pieces they’ll often need to take one thing apart before they can make another.

On the positive side, it means you will always have an answer when grandparents, aunts and uncles ask what to get the kids. You can tell them: more Magformers!

Magformers 62 Piece Designer Set Review Summary

Even though the price is rather steep, we just had to give 5 stars to the Magformers 62 piece Designer Set. It’s simply so well designed. It allows limitless opportunities for frustration-free constructive play for kids of all ages – and their parents too! For the younger ones it’s educational as well as creative. Older children will find plenty of fun and bizarre uses for the pieces!

Be prepared for a toy that will be a huge hit and have your kids crying out for more!

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Our rating: 5 stars

Magformers Magnetic Building Construction 62 Piece Designer Set Review

Published 16 May 2013

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