Melissa And Doug Shopping Trolley Review

Melissa and Doug Shopping TrolleyMelissa & Doug Shopping Trolley Review

Our rating: 5 stars

With the Melissa and Doug shopping trolley, children can play at going shopping just like Mum and Dad. It’s very realistic, with pivoting front wheels and a fold-down ‘baby’ seat for a doll or teddy bear. Preschool children love it!

The Melissa and Doug shopping trolley is made of good quality metal, so it’s solid and safe enough for children to take it to the supermarket when you go shopping for real. Recommended for age 3 upward, this is one of our top toys.

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Video of Carter with his Melissa and Doug Shopping Cart

Carter also has a couple of sets of Melissa and Doug Wooden Food – also 5-star rated.

Why It’s Fun

The Melissa and Doug shopping trolley looks so real, it’s easy for little children to pretend they’re going shopping. Kids love to pretend and this type of play is a vital part of a child’s development, encouraging them to be creative and use their imagination. They prepare themselves for growing up by watching and copying what they see adults do. So it’s a learning experience but it’s also a lot of fun!

This shopping trolley is a versatile toy that a child can play with alone or in a game of shopkeeping with others. They can use it just about anywhere: in the house or garden, at the mall, in a supermarket or walking down the street. Kids feel very special pushing a shopping trolley of their own!

At the same time, it’s very safe. Most importantly, it has a spring-loaded base and three solid safety legs. If a child tries to climb inside it, lean into it or load it up with heavy items, it will sink down onto the solid legs so it can’t roll.

It’s also an excellent way to train children to pick up after themselves at home. They may not like tidying up if you put it like that, but if you say “How many toys can you find to put in your shopping trolley?” they’ll go all round collecting them!

Nothing’s Perfect

The best thing about this shopping trolley is being made of metal, it’s so realistic. The downside is what could happen if kids run around slamming it into walls and furniture. So while you’re putting it together (which is very easy) you might want to tape some bubblewrap around the corners to prevent damage at home.

Age Range

This toy is recommended by the manufacturer for age 3 to 8. However, the trolley is only just over 17 inches high so an 8-year-old would grow out of it pretty fast. We recommend you get it for a child who’s 3 to 5 years old now, and they can get years of happy play from it. And when they do grow out of it, it’s sturdy enough that it will probably still be fine for passing on to a younger child.

A 2-year-old would probably love it too, but it’s one of those toys ‘not recommended for under 3s’ because of the danger of parts coming loose.

Melissa and Doug Shopping Trolley Review Recommendation

Highly recommended. This is a very popular toy. Little girls and boys too love to play with it.

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Melissa and Doug Shopping Trolley Review

Our rating: 5 stars

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  1. Lelie

    I bought my twins a trolley each, and they use them for everything from a dormitory for soft toys, to tanks in war. They are getting a little battered, but standing up to this treatment well!


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