Micro Chargers Time Track Review

Micro Chargers Time TrackMicro Chargers Time Track Race Track Review

Our rating: 4.5 stars

The Micro Chargers Time Track from Moose Toys gives you the ultimate toy race track experience. Charge up your cars in less than 10 seconds and watch as they race around the track at up to 600 miles per hour scale speed!

Comes with 2 cars, 4 lane charger/launcher and track as pictured.

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Micro Chargers Time Track Video Review

Micro Chargers Time Track: What’s In The Box?

* Straight, curved and bridge track pieces.
* Track includes speed bumps and chicane.
* Comes with 2 cars.
* Charger/launcher for up to 4 cars to race together.
* Timer controlled finish.
* Statistics record cards.
* Age 6-10.

What’s Great About The Micro Chargers Time Track

Time Track offers the fastest toy race track experience in the world, with cars reaching up to 600 miles per hour scale speed. That means that as the cars are scaled down, the speed is scaled down too – they don’t actually travel at 600 mph! But they are very fast and boys will love to watch them zooming around the track.

The cars charge up in their loading bays for just 8 seconds and then they’re ready to race. Let them go and watch them zoom around!

When they’re done, the winning car gets to do a final lap of the circuit alone to celebrate its win – automatically.

There’s a four-car charger/launcher so you can race up to 4 cars at the same time. You get 2 cars with the track so you can start right away.

Optional extras include more cars and more track, available to buy separately. There are 36 different cars you can collect. But the pack includes everything you need to get racing right away – except for 2 AA batteries.

Nothing’s Perfect!

So do we have any criticisms? Sure we do, nothing’s perfect! This is an excellent toy of its kind but because everything is on such a small scale, the cars are easily damaged. You can’t take them out into the yard to play in the dirt. You should keep them covered when not in use so they don’t get dusty inside, and they will need to be kept out of the clumsy hands of little siblings.

The cars go entirely on the power that they have gained while charging and are held by the track. They are not remote control or controlled in any way by the kids. The winner is random. I think that’s a big improvement over the old kids’ race tracks where one car was always the best and won every time. At least Micro Chargers Time Track races are not predictable. But if your kids want something they can control, you should probably get radio-controlled cars instead.

Micro Chargers Time Track Review Summary

The Micro Chargers Time Track toy race track will be a winner with boys (and some girls) who like to watch a fast race. They can easily set up the track and get racing right away. Highly recommended.

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Our rating: 4.5 stars

Published 29 December 2012

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