Power Wheels Dune Racer Review

Dune Racer GreenPower Wheels Dune Racer Review (Fisher-Price)

Our rating: 5 stars

Note: This exact ride-on car is not yet available in the UK, except by import.

Kids love motorized vehicles! The Power Wheels brand from Fisher-Price is the market leader in ride-on toys for little kids, and the Dune Racer is a very cool-looking addition to the range.

It takes 2 riders and can handle off-road terrain. With two speed settings kids will love to be able to drive around in their very own car!

Features of the Power Wheels Dune Racer

* 2 seat racer-style car.
* Large off-road tires can handle dirt, gravel and grass.
* Two forward speeds: 2.5 or 5 mph.
Dune Racer Pink* Reverse speed 2.5 mph.
* Secret storage compartment under hood.
* Pretend seat belts.
* Choice of color: green or pink.
* Steel frame for strength and safety.
* Nickel plated side safety bars.
* Front bumper.
* Stick shift to change speed.
* 12-volt battery and charger included.
* Maximum weight load: 130 lb
* Age 3-6

Power Wheels Dune Racer Video

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Why Kids Love the Power Wheels Dune Racer

The Power Wheels Dune Racer is loads of fun for kids aged 3-6. Kids go wild with excitement when they see it! Available in either green or pink, this is one of the ‘Kids Most Wanted’ Christmas toys in the USA – and we’re not surprised! It gets a 5 star rating from us.

It holds two kids and as long as the ground is reasonably level, they can ride around together, taking turns to drive. That’s good if you want to encourage siblings to play together.

Assembly is pretty simple and you get a good instruction manual. Expect to spend around an hour assembling it – or maybe more if your child is ‘helping’! You get stickers to decorate the sides, making it look more like a real race car.

It’s battery-powered. The 12 volt battery and charger are included. The battery gives around 1 hour of play on and off, then you need to leave it to charge for a few hours or overnight.

Safety is always a concern with ride-ons, bikes and other toy vehicles. Fisher-Price have an excellent record of safety features in their toys and the Power Wheels Dune Racer is no exception. Of course you wouldn’t want to use it on steep hills or near traffic, but the low, wide structure of the car means it is unlikely to turn over.

There’s a safety bar on each side for kids to hold onto, so there’s not much chance of them falling out. The seat belts are just for play but they do encourage kids to stay in the habit of belting up for safety every time they get into a car.

There’s also an electronic power locking brake that is activated automatically to stop the car whenever the child lifts his foot from the gas pedal. You’ll need to explain how this works to the child because it seems a little weird at first. He’ll expect the car to go on rolling along but in fact it stops and starts depending on what he does with the pedal. So it’s different from a regular car in that respect, with a much more active brake for safety.

Another safety feature is the high-speed lockout that allows you to limit the speed to 2.5 mph when beginners or younger kids are driving.

The Dune Racer is easy to use and most kids aged 3 and over will become skilled drivers pretty fast!

Nothing’s Perfect!

Keep in mind this is a toy designed for little kids. Although it does take two small children on flat ground, it will lose power with two kids riding if you have any kind of grade in your yard or wherever you are using it. The name ‘dune racer’ and the pictures of kids riding over sand dunes might make you think it would handle that kind of up-and-down ride but it probably won’t. The user manual recommends that you only use it on level ground.

The maximum weight load is 130 lb but that’s the safety and structural limit. In terms of power, it’s better if the kids’ combined weight is around half of that. (The average weight of a 5-year-old is around 40 lb.)

So before you order, be aware this is a low-powered toy for little kids with a maximum speed of 5 mph – not a high speed, high powered racing car! With that understood, we give it a 5-star rating.

Power Wheels Dune Racer Review Summary

Like all motorized ride-ons, the Power Wheels Dune Racer is not a cheap toy but it makes the perfect big gift for Christmas or a birthday. Kids will love it and play with it over and over. It’s a great way to entice them away from their videos and into the fresh air!

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Power Wheels Dune Racer Review

Our rating: 5 stars

Published on 3 December 2012

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      Melandra, you have to put it together (maybe 1 hour) and charge the battery (18 hours the first time for a full charge). So you’ll want it to arrive a couple of days before the child’s birthday or whatever.


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