Rocktivity Walk’N’Roll Rider Review

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Playskool Rocktivity Walk’N’Roll Rider Review

Our rating: 5 stars

NOTE: At the time of writing, the Rocktivity Walk’N’Roll Rider is not available in the UK.
You can order it from in the USA by clicking on our “check price” link below, or for UK residents we recommend the alternative VTech First Steps Walker combined walker and activity centre for babies aged under 12 months. For children who are already walking, click the link beside the UK flag to see ride-on toys for toddlers.

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The Rocktivity Walk’n’Roll is a great-looking toy that converts from a walker to a ride-on toy for growing babies and toddlers.

It’s a huge hit with kids and looks like being a bestseller. But is there a downside? Read on to find out.

Rocktivity Walk’N’Roll Rider Features

* Converts from a walker to a ride on toy.
* Has a horn and plays music too.
* Starter/revving noise when you turn the key.
* Two volume settings.
* Comes in pink or blue.
* Easy to assemble.
* Takes 2 AA batteries (included).
* Max weight of child: 42 lb.
* Age range: 9 months to 4 years.

Why Kids (and Parents) Love the Rocktivity Walk N Roll Rider

Rocktivity Walk'n'Roll VerticalKids adore the Roctivity Walk N Roll Rider! If you are looking at ride on toys for toddlers or growing babies, this is the one we recommend. Converting from a walker to a rider, it helps kids learn to walk as well as providing a safe, strong and fun ride on experience as they grow.

As we expect from Playskool, this is well designed for a child’s development. Obviously it focuses on building leg strength through walking and riding, but it also helps to develop dexterity and fine-motor skills because the controls on the front of the toy require precise hand and finger movements.

The toy plays different tunes depending on whether you go forward or backward. This helps kids to learn that different actions have different consequences, for their psychological development.

There’s a volume control and most parents will prefer the quieter option in the house, although you might want to turn it up outside on the sidewalk. It plays 15 different pop tunes (digitally recreated versions) plus the sound effects of the horn and the ‘vroom-vroom’ key. Kids adore the sound effects!

The maximum weight limit is 42 lb. The average child will reach this weight sometime between their 4th and 5th birthdays. At that age they are ready to move on to toddler bikes, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

If you buy this for a small child just learning to walk, they should get years of happy play from it. You might want to use it as a walker at first, then switch to riding when they are a little more confident. Kids at the lower end of the age range will need help getting on and off the toy in ride on mode.

Nothing’s Perfect…

… but the Rocktivity Walk’N’Roll Rider comes close! As with a lot of toys, you have to watch that little fingers are not pinched, especially when you are converting it from a walker to a rider – but this is a task for an adult, so you just have to be sure that the child is at a safe distance. Kids do need to wear shoes because their feet are close to the wheels, both when walking and riding.

There are no brakes so if you’re going to use it outside, you’ll need to stay away from hills.

For anybody looking for walker toys for kids taking their first steps or ride on toys for 1 year old children – this is the one to get. The only issue with it might be that your child will not want to stop riding it even when he or she is too big for it!

Rocktivity Walk’N’Roll Rider Review Summary

This Roctivity rider from Playskool is the perfect 1st birthday gift or an ideal Christmas gift for a child aged between 9 months to 3 years.

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Rocktivity Walk’N’Roll Rider Review

Our rating: 5 stars

Published 2 December 2012

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