Pink Cat Seat Pets Review

Seat Pets Pink Cat
Pink Cat Seat Pets Car Seat Toy Review

Our rating: 4 stars

Seat Pets™ were a huge hit in the USA last Christmas and now there’s a Seat Pets UK supply too. There are a few different designs and the aim is to keep kids safe, comfortable and happy in their car seat on long or short journeys.

Kids love them but what do parents think? Let’s take a look.

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Pink Cat Seat Pets Car Seat Toy Features

• Toy fits around the seatbelt to make it more comfortable for kids
• Also helps the seat belt to stay in the right place
• Kids can rest their heads against it and sleep
• Attaches easily to seat belt with Velcro
• Easily removed for carrying around in a light sling
• Cavity where you can store other toys, water bottle etc
• Several different stuffed animal toy Seat Pets available
• Age range: 3+

Seat Pets Review

Seat Pets rangeThe idea behind Seat Pets is that the pet covers the seatbelt and makes car rides much more comfortable for kids, as well as providing them with a friend along the way. Kids often don’t like to wear a seatbelt because it rubs on their shoulder or neck. The Seat Pets car seat toys give them some padding.

The company’s motto is “Buckle Up and Snuggle Up”. Kids can lean their head against the toy or cuddle it, as it fits to their car seat and seat belt with velcro.

The pink cat is not the only seat pet available in the UK. There are several different animals made to suit kids of all sexes and tastes, as you can see from the picture on the right here.

The velcro is easy to undo so you can take the toy out of the car and carry it around, and many kids seem to be so attached to their Seat Pets that this is a requirement! It doubles as a small backpack with a sling so the child can wear it. For kids who love their seat pets – which seems to be most kids in the target age range – it can make a car journey more comfortable and fun.

There has been some criticism from parents online about the quality of the toys. They don’t seem to stand up well to the cuddles and love that a lot of kids insist on giving them. The velcro doesn’t always hold the pet firmly to the seat belt so it slips around, especially when kids lean on the pet. Some buyers in the USA have also reported problems with the seams not being strong and having to be resewn after only a medium amount of use.

But the fact is that most children do seem to love this toy. So if you can handle a few small repairs that may be needed from time to time, it’s probably worth it. If you have a child who likes stuffed animal toys and enjoys cuddling up to something, this could make a big difference to them (and you) on long car journeys.

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Our rating: 4 stars

Pink Cat Seat Pets UK Car Seat Toy Review

Published March 18th, 2014

3 thoughts on “Pink Cat Seat Pets Review

  1. Lindsay Murphy

    Can understand the great idea of this product but on first experience of receiving this item I’m not at all impressed with quality of materials used nor manufacturing. Not even had it for 12 hours and holes have developed with stuffing exposed. Not worth 99p let alone £19.99. Like I said the concept behind the idea is great just poor materials and manufacturing. Have contacted and I wonder how their customer service lives up?

  2. Mary James

    My children used to complain so much about the seatbelts. But they are grown now and I’m looking for gifts for THEIR children 🙂


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