Venus McFlytrap Monster High Doll Review

Our rating: 5 stars

Venus McFlytrap Monster High Doll Video

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The latest season of the Monster High TV series has introduced some new characters, and of course Mattel have quickly released new Monster High dolls to match.

Venus McFlytrap is without a doubt the most popular doll from the exciting new range. But is she as great as she looks and is she really worth buying, or are people just getting her to complete their collections? Let’s see.

Venus McFlytrap Doll Features
* Georgeous model of character from the TV series
* Articulated head, arms, elbows, legs and knees
* Includes pet Venus flytrap plant
* Display stand, brush, tote bag and diary
* Age 6+

Venus McFlytrap Monster High Doll Review

Venus McFlytrap verticalThe Monster High TV series is a huge hit all over the world, appealing to kids, teenagers and even adults. The Mattel Monster High dolls have been released as tie-ins for the programme and they are very popular, both with children who want to play with them and older fans who want to collect them. They’re generally good quality dolls as you’d expect from the makers of Barbie. Let’s take a closer look at Venus in particular.

The first thing we noticed about the Venus McFlytrap Monster High doll was her box which has a lot of information about her and really shows her off. It makes her look stunning on the shelf and it’s a fount of information about her that you’ll probably want to keep, so open it carefully.

Out of the box, she seems good quality if you keep in mind that she is designed for a slightly older age range than some other dolls. She is more like a  Collector Barbie than a kids plaything, with hollow legs that might break or bend more easily than solid legs. Younger kids might also lose some of the accessories that she comes with. But we think that for children aged 6 and over she’ll be fine as long as she’s not treated too roughly. Certainly she is well articulated and fully posable, with legs, arms and head that all move.

The Venus McFlytrap Monster High doll is certainly gorgeous to look at. Her colour scheme is stunning: she has green skin and green/pink hair, giving her a nouveau punk look, and her outfit is pink, purple and black. She has matching vibrant top and leggings with bright pink boots. She also wears bracelets and a necklace.

Her most striking feature has to be her long glossy pink-streaked green hair. One side is cropped very short and dyed bright pink and her accessories are made with plenty of attention to detail too. She comes with a pet Venus flytrap plant, a black hairbrush, a diary that tells you plenty of things about her, an eco-friendly bag and a display stand.

In the Monster High TV programmes Venus McFlytrap has a strong ecological mission which means she has more educational merit than you might expect of this type of doll. She’s a good role model in many ways, strong and idealistic, keen to play a part in saving the world.

The Monster High Venus McFlytrap doll would be a must for any Monster High fan regardless of the quality of manufacture, but Mattel seem to have done a great job with that too. The quality and looks are both excellent and she fully merits her 5-star rating.

So don’t hesitate to order, whether you’re thinking of getting the Venus McFlytrap doll for yourself or as a present for somebody else. I’m sure you’ll be glad you did!

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published 10 December 2012

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