Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser Racer RC Car

Air Hogs Zero Gravity redAir Hogs RC Zero Gravity Laser Racer Car Review
Our rating: 3 stars

The Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser Racer RC car sounds like an absolute must-have for any fan of remote control vehicles. It doesn’t just go along the floor like most RC cars – it goes up walls and even on ceilings!

It sounds like tons of fun, but the reviews suggest there might be room for improvement. So what’s the appeal of the Air Hogs Laser Racer, and why are some customers less happy with it? Let’s take a look.

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Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser Racer Review Video

Air Hogs Zero Gravity RC Car Features

* Uses infrared sensors for light tracking
* Goes on the floor, up walls and even on ceilings
* Lightweight for effective climbing
* Surfaces must be clean and smooth
* Choice of blue or red
* Requires 6 AA batteries (not included)
* Age range: 8 and over

Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser Racer RC Car Review

Remote control vehicles have been a big hit since they first came onto the market decades ago. Some kids and adults seem drawn to them as if by magnetism. They have a lot of the same appeal as video games, allowing kids to drive a virtual vehicle, but they have the advantage for parents of offering real physical play, instead of locking kids to a screen. From a developmental point of view, they help with kids’ spatial awareness, and eye to hand co-ordination, as well as technological and engineering skills.

Many remote control fans want every RC product on the market. They love to compare and test them. But the Air Hogs Laser Zero Gravity car has some truly unique features that has a special appeal.

First, there’s the technology. Instead of using radio waves to control the car from a handheld console, you shoot out a laser beam of light from the handheld controller. The car senses where the light hits, and goes toward it. So you’re leading the vehicle with your laser beam.

This is tons of fun and very easy for younger kids to use and understand. No complex steering or wheel controls – just point and go. If you want the car to move to the right, move the light beam in that direction. The vehicle will follow along.

Air Hogs Zero Gravity collageSecond, the Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser Racer doesn’t just go on the floor like most RC cars – it’s made of special lightweight foam and uses a suction device to climb up walls and even go upside down on the ceiling. In fact, since it prefers totally smooth surfaces, many customers found that it works best on the wall.

So why only 3 stars? Some customers did love the Air Hogs Laser Racer, but it depends on how your home is constructed. It doesn’t work at all well on carpet or on rough-surfaced walls like brick or textured walls. Wooden floors need to be smooth, without gaps between boards. Painted walls should be fine.

You need to be a little patient with the light beam and not move it too fast. The car needs to be near enough to sense the light, and in a situation where it can move toward it. It can be noisy, as you can hear in the video, and it doesn’t sense when it’s coming up against an object so it can become stuck in corners.

All the same, this remote control car definitely stands out from the crowd and has a lot of novelty value. We think there is room for improvement with its responsiveness, but the Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser Racer RC car comes at a good price, and a lot of RC fans and people new to RC vehicles will love to play with it.

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Our rating: 3 stars

Published 4 January 2015

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