Baby Toys 3 Months to 6 Months

Mother and Baby photoBetween 3 and 6 months, babies are developing fast – and growing fast too. You’ll see big changes in your baby around this time. They start to recognize objects and identify them, although not with words, and they’ll respond more to your voice, your face and even your emotions.

Babies of this age are beginning to understand the world a little bit. In this article we’ll look at the kinds of toys that are best for their development now.

Baby Toys 3 Months

Between 3 and 4 months, most babies will make great strides in their hand-eye co-ordination skills, and will start to reach for things they see. They can grasp things and may try to grab anything that interests them. They seem to understand that objects are not just there to be looked at: they can touch them and have an impact on their world.

The best toys for this age include things that are soft and easy to hold in their little hands, but of course, not so small they they could choke on them, because they’ll be putting things in their mouth. Examples are soft toys, rings and teething toys.

Baby Toys 4 Months to 5 Months

Fisher Price Piano Gym mainAs a baby approaches 5 months old, eyesight is almost fully developed. They can now see things much more clearly than before. They’ll be fascinated by different colours, shapes, sizes and textures of things, as well as by faces, of course. They’ll grab more objects and take them straight to their mouth, either to explore the taste or identify the object or to massage their teething gums.

At this age they’ll love a brightly coloured activity mat with different fabrics and things that they can grasp onto. They’ll also love anything with sounds, lights or mirrors like the pictured Fisher Price Kick & Play Piano Gym. You can increase time on their tummy to develop their core muscles, and sit them up as long as they are safely supported either on your lap or in a baby chair.

Baby Toys 6 Months

Laugh and Learn PuppyAt 6 months, babies may begin sitting up by themselves, or at least trying to. Muscle strength is developing fast and so is the baby’s desire for movement, discovery and adventure. The Laugh and Learn Puppy from Fisher-Price can be a good choice for them.

Babies of this age are beginning to understand cause and effect, i.e. the fact that what they do can make things happen, so interactive toys are perfect. They’ll probably start to play happily with certain toys for a longer time as their nap time reduces. If they’re not in discomfort from teething, they are very easy to please at this age!

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Published May 18th, 2013

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