Baby Toys 6 Months to 9 Months

Baby 9-12 months

Babies 6-9 months old are starting to want to get into everything! Most of them will start crawling at around 6 months, although you shouldn’t worry if they don’t because some babies never crawl on their hands and knees at all. They may have other ways of getting around and go straight to walking.

If they are crawling, shuffling or whatever, you’ll find they can move surprisingly far and fast when your back is turned! They like to interact with everything, pushing at things to see what they will do, and they’re very interested in discovering their world for themselves. They won’t yet understand danger so you’ll need to keep a close eye on them.

They’ll appreciate their toys much more now and are likely to start experimenting with them, finding new things to do with old toys. The right toy or game can provoke an astonishing display of delight!

So what toys and games work best for babies in this age range? Let’s have a look.

Baby Toys 6 Months

After they pass the 6 month milestone, babies will understanding the concept of cause and effect much better. This means they start to realise that if they do a certain thing, it’s likely to cause a certain result. They love repetitive games where the same thing happens over and over, like “peek-a-boo”.

Fisher Price Piano Gym sittingThe Fisher Price piano gym (pictured) is a good choice for little ones at this age.

A game that gets old fast for an adult will fascinate a baby of this age because they’re only just discovering that events follow a pattern. They want to see the pattern repeated again and again and it seems like a miracle to them every time. So it’s very easy to keep them entertained for hours with games like this – if you have the patience!

As well as anything repetitive, they’ll enjoy toys that offer action and movement, like balls, or toys that have moving parts. They’ll be attracted by the vibrant colours of most baby toys and they’ll love music and songs, especially if you join in.

Baby Toys 7-8 Months

When they are over 7 months old, most babies will begin making sounds that are the first steps in speech development. They may begin to show that they understand some of your words by looking at a person or thing when you say its name.

You may want to start buying larger toys for your child at this age. Toys that they can push or drag around while they crawl will be popular. They may start showing an interest in baby walkers, but don’t worry if they can’t stand up by themselves yet. The leg muscles will develop soon.

They’ll love interactive toys that make noises, light up or play music when they do something like pressing a button or hitting the toy.

On the negative side, babies can now control their hands well enough to pick up just about anything and put it in their mouths. This means you’ll need to take extra care that there’s nothing dangerous lying around.

Baby Toys 9 Months

Little Tikes Swing mainAt 9 months, some babies can stand up with support. They’ll start pulling themselves up by grabbing onto furniture or anything else that’s handy. Their legs will not be very strong at first but they’ll be getting stronger every time they try this. They’ll enjoy toys that involve movement like the pictured baby swing.

They’ll probably enjoy putting building blocks on top of each other and they’ll certainly enjoy knocking them down!

Their understanding of language will be growing and you can encourage this with toys that teach colour, shape and object recognition.

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Published 23 May 2013

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