Barbie Chelsea Doll and Pony Review

Barbie Chelsea and pony thumbnailOur rating: 5 stars

After so many years, Barbie is still as popular as ever! Her latest movie ‘Barbie and her Sisters in a Pony Tale’ sees Barbie and her sisters including Chelsea bonding with their own cute horses. Any Barbie fan who has seen the film is sure to want the toys to match it!

The Barbie Chelsea and Pony Doll Set is one of the most popular toys in this range. Let’s have a look at what you get.

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Barbie Chelsea and Pony Doll Set: Features

• Chelsea doll and pony from the movie ‘Barbie and Her Sisters in A Pony Tale’
• Chelsea figure dressed in riding clothing
• Pony with brushable mane, pink tackle and saddle
• Chelsea can be posed to stand, sit or ride on the pony
• Age 3+

Barbie Chelsea Doll and Pony Set Review

Barbie Chelsea and ponyBarbie dolls and horses are two of the things that many little girls love the most, so this set of a Chelsea doll and her sweet little pony is designed to appeal. In the movie ‘Barbie and her Sisters in a Pony Tale’, the characters develop strong relationships with their pony friends and spend a lot of time with them.

There’s plenty to play with here. For example, kids can groom and decorate the pony’s mane. Stars and bows are included to make the pony’s mane look as pretty as Chelsea’s own hair. There’s also a brush that fits into Chelsea’s hand, to keep the pony well cared for. The pink saddle and reins look stylish and the pony doll will be a favourite with many kids.

Barbie Chelsea and pony 2The Chelsea doll looks good too in her riding outfit. She wears bright pink boots and helmet to match the pony’s saddle. You can take these off as you can see from the video.

Chelsea’s legs are articulated in such a way that she can fit perfectly on the saddle to ride the pony. This is difficult with most dolls because their legs only move forward and back. This Chelsea doll however can open her legs to sit on the pony. This adds a whole new element to the way your child will play with her Barbie sisters dolls. Adding different abilities, animals or characters can make for whole new scenarios in your child’s imagination, extending the creativity of their imaginative play.

The price of the set is in line with other Barbie doll sets. Chelsea is Barbie’s little sister so she’s smaller than actual Barbie dolls but the price is still very reasonable given that the horse comes included.

Many parents have reported in the reviews that their children were thrilled to bits to get a pony just like Chelsea’s pony in the movie along with a Chelsea doll who can really ride on the pony. So for kids who like Barbie and her sisters, and especially for young fans of the Pony Tale movie, this will be an excellent gift.

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published 31 October 2013

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