Barbie Colour Change Bag Review

Barbie Colour Change BagBarbie Colour Change Handbag Review
Our rating: 4.5 stars

This cool handbag or shoulder bag for Barbie fans uses colour sensing technology to change the bag’s background colour from white to whatever colour you hold it up against. Along with the bag, you get plenty of clip-on accessories to decorate it, plus a mini matching bag for a Barbie doll.

It’s not expensive, and it could be the perfect accessory for a Barbie fan. So let’s take a closer look.

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Barbie Color Change Bag Review Video

Barbie Colour Change Handbag Features

* Bag changes colour to match your outfit
* Senses over 100 colours
* Comes with 9 clip-on accessories
* Two different straps
* Matching mini handbag for your Barbie doll
* Takes 3 AAA batteries (included)
* Age range: 3-7

Barbie Colour Change Bag Review

Barbie Colour Change Bag photosWith the new Barbie Colour Change bag, little girls can change the colour of their handbag to match their clothes. Just press the heart-shaped button on the front of the bag, holding it up against something solid coloured. The bag will light up and the background colour (usually white) will change, chameleon-like, to the new colour, right before your eyes.

The pink parts of the bag don’t change, and while parents may regret this, little girls love the bright pink of all things Barbie. So for them, that’s part of the attraction.

The Colour Change handbag took the number 4 slot on Hamleys’ top 10 toys for Christmas 2014. It comes with 9 different clip-on accessories, including the black heart and tassels, a little poodle, etc. You get two different length straps, so it can be either a clutch bag or go around your wrist.

Batteries are included and they do last a reasonable time, according to buyers. They’re the standard AAA size that many toys take, so you probably have spares, anyway.

The bag comes with a mini matching handbag for a Barbie doll. This one doesn’t change colour, but it’s still an extra little gift that kids will love.

The bag is marketed as the “first ever colour-changing handbag toy” and it certainly is a novelty. It’s pretty good quality too, and it won a top toy award at the UK Toy Fair 2014, so it’s not just kids who like it.

The bag is a solid plastic, not too heavy but chunky. Inside, you have the batteries and the workings of the colour changing technology, and reviewers point out that this doesn’t leave much storage space. However, it does open, and your little girl can put a few small things inside. But mainly, it’s an accessory for the fashion-conscious young who love all things pink.

Safe for kids over 3, and probably best for kids in the 3-7 age bracket, this is a gift that will delight any little girl’s heart, whether or not she’s a Barbie fan.

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Our rating: 4.5 stars

Published 26 November 2014

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