Big Hugs Elmo Review

Our rating: 4 stars
Big Hugs Elmo thumbnailWith his childlike high voice, the playful Elmo has been a hit with kids ever since his first appearance on the Sesame Street show many years ago. This toy Elmo, made by Playskool, is especially big on hugging. He’s the familiar red colour and will be instantly recognised by any child who’s seen Elmo on TV. He dances and sings, and even cuddles with your little one. Let’s take a closer look at Big Hugs Elmo and see what he has to offer your child.

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Playskool Sesame Street Big Hugs Elmo – Main Features

* When your child hugs Elmo, he hugs back
* Talks with many positive sounds and phrases
* Can pretend to be an astronaut, rabbit, horse or frog
* Officially licensed by Sesame Street and made by PlaySkool
* Runs on 4 AA batteries, sold separately
* Age 18 months and over

Is the Playskool Sesame Street Big Hugs Elmo a Good Buy?

Big Hugs ElmoPerfect for young kids from age 18 months through kindergarten age, Big Hugs Elmo is almost as big as some of the children he’s designed for: 22 inches tall and weighing over 2 pounds. He’s a cuddly, plush doll, soft but also durable. Just like other Elmo models, he enjoys singing, talking and interacting with your child.

The Sesame Street Big Hugs Elmo (from Playskool by Hasbro) speaks more than 50 positive sayings. These include phrases like “Elmo loves getting hugs from you”. When it is time for your child’s nap, you can have Big Hugs Elmo sing a lullaby and lay down as well, with sleeping sound effects that can help your little one fall to sleep.

Elmo can talk, sing, hug and dance, and has four different imaginative modes where he pretends to be an a rabbit, a horse, an astronaut or a frog and encourages your child to play at being these things along with him. Driving your child’s imagination and social interaction, Big Hugs Elmo uses three fun songs and action statements like “Let’s pretend we’re frogs!” to keep your child active and engaged.

Elmo is soft, but he could be softer. Kids don’t seem to care about this but his hair or “fur” is extremely durable, and that makes him a little less strokable than a regular plush toy. Also, as an adult you will instantly feel the components and battery box inside his body, but again, children do not seem to notice or care. They see a more magical aspect to their toys than we do!

The main issue for parents seems to be that the batteries can be fiddly to install, so have someone with nimble fingers do this if possible. We also think he’s a little expensive for what you get, but if your child loves him it’s still going to be good value for the price.

Kids fall totally in love with Big Hugs Elmo just as they have with previous Sesame Street Elmo toys. This is another great Elmo for your children, teaching positive lessons and keeping your child active and imaginative.

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Our rating: 4 stars

Published 17 October 2013

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