Tranquil Turtle Review

Tranquil Turtle AquaOur rating: 5 stars

The Tranquil Turtle is the well known Twilight Turtle night light with added soothing tunes. It’s a plush toy, nightlight and soothing music player all in one. It runs on batteries so it’s portable and you can place it anywhere in the child’s room. It also projects an underwater ocean light onto the walls or ceiling that you can have either still or moving. Keep reading to see how the Tranquil Turtle is different from the Cloud B Twilight Turtle and how we think it measures up.

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Tranquil Turtle Review Video

Cloud B Tranquil Turtle Features

* Plush toy/nightlight/sleep sound system with underwater effect projector
* Comes with comforting tunes to help kids fall asleep
* Projects ocean effect onto walls and ceiling
* Two power switches, one hidden
* Adjustable volume and light intensity
* Auto shut off
* Uses 3 AA batteries (included)
* Age range: from birth upwards

Cloud B Tranquil/Twilight Turtle Tunes Night Light Review

Tranquil Turtle AquaThe popular Twilight Turtle night light from Cloud B has been a hit with children all over the world for years now. With the new Tranquil Turtle, the company has kept the popular plush toy turtle shape and added a great new audio ability with soothing tunes for your child to fall asleep to.

There are three different settings. In the classic mode without sound, the toy projects an underwater scene on the ceiling and walls of your child’s room. You can make it lighter or darker and you can have the display either moving or still.

Then there’s audio mode. This enables the Tranquil Turtle to play a collection of soothing ocean sounds that come preinstalled in the toy.

Thirdly, there’s a preinstalled melody that you can select instead of the ocean sounds if you prefer. If you remember the original Twilight Turtle night light, you’ll realise this is a great upgrade for a relatively inexpensive product.

It’s portable and battery driven so kids can have their familiar nightlight toy when they spend the night away from home. If you’re concerned about the cost of batteries, just use rechargeables.

In reviews online, some parents wished they could stop the auto shutoff and leave it on all night. However pediatricians recommend allowing babies to sleep with quiet and darkness, so that’s why it does that. It’s better for the child to have it shutting off.

In summary, the new Twilight Turtle Tunes night light and soothing sound sleep system known as Tranquil Turtle offers a lot of potential for children who insist upon having a nightlight while they sleep. The new soothing sounds add to the potential of the plush toy and the ocean light display to make an already great product even better.

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published 22 January 2014

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