Crayola Marker Maker Review

Crayola Marker Maker thumbnailOur rating: 4.5 stars

Crayola products are well made and very popular, but this kit for making markers takes them into a new creative adventure. Most kids will enjoy making their own markers and then using them for their art. It’s a very creative idea so let’s take a look and see how it works in practice.

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Crayola Marker Maker Video

Crayola Marker Maker: Main Features

• Includes 3 ink bottles, 2 marker boxes, 2 measuring tubes and tweezers
• Makes up to 16 markers
• Includes a colour mixing guide
• Compact design for easy transporting or storage
• Age range: 6+

Crayola Marker Maker Kit Review

Crayola Marker MakerWith the Crayola Marker Maker kit, your child can create markers by following a colour mixing guide or just by using their imagination. All colours of the rainbow can be created, and more. The set allows kids to experiment with the whole range of colors with equipment that’s similar to a science lab.

You can make 16 markers with this set and after that, refills are available to purchase separately.

The kit is easy to use, as you can see in the video. You simply choose and mix the colours and then dip the marker into a reservoir that goes into a measuring tube. With the tweezers you remove the core from the tube so you can assemble your customized marker. Children can use the labels to name the markers either with their own names, with the name of the colour, or whatever they like.

The platform is designed to catch spills but of course you’ll need to keep an eye on them, especially with younger children in the range who may need help opening the inks and using the kit. Children from about age 8 will probably be able to use it without help.

It’s good for kids who are interested in either art or science, because the making process combines both. But just about all children use markers even if art is not their favourite thing, and they’ll also enjoy seeing how markers are created and inventing new colours.

The main issue with this item is that at the time of writing it’s very expensive on Amazon UK. We hope that will change soon. Around £20 would be a good price for this kit, which does provide a lot of creative fun for children.

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Our rating: 4.5 stars

Published 27 October 2013

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