Doc McStuffins Mobile Clinic Review

Doc McStuffins Talking Mobile Clinic Review
Our rating: 4.5 stars

Doc McStuffins Mobile ClinicThe television show Doc MuStuffins is an animated show for children that can be seen on both the Disney channel and Disney Junior. It’s about a young girl who works as a toy doctor. Many children like to pretend to be her, and this Doc McStuffins mobile clinic will help with their imaginative games.

Doc McStuffins has a mobile clinic and everything she need is on board. She travels around looking for toys that need help. Kids love it, but what do reviewers think? Let’s take a look.

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Doc McStuffins Mobile Clinic Toy Video

Doc McStuffins Get Better Mobile Clinic Features

* A CB radio that “works”
* A pull along handle
* Bandages to fix pretend injuries
* EKG, thermometer, and other things used for check ups
* A ladder to help her reach toys up high
* Requires two AA batteries (not supplied)
* Age range: 3-7

Doc McStuffins Mobile Clinic Review

Doc McStuffins fans will love the Doc McStuffins talking clinic! They’ll find all they need to play at being a travelling doctor. The clinic comes in the form of a pull-along cart that opens out to reveal all the equipment, with sound and lights for extra excitement.

Little girls often like to follow the actions of their parents, and Doc McStuffins is a little girl who does just that. She pretends to be a doctor just like her mother, except that her patients are toys.

Doc McStuffins cares for her patients with the help of her stuffed animal friends. Each show is entertaining for children with songs and lessons to be learned. The lessons will help a child learn how to behave and to care for others.

When Dottie “Doc” McStuffins uses her stethoscope her toys are able to come to life. She talks to them and goes to where they need help. In order to get to the toys she can use the Doc Mustuffins Get Better Talking Mobile Cart.

In addition to the check up center this cart has many other toys. This cart will allow a child to go around the home and care for toys that are in need. The radio will also her to call the pretend hospital for additional help.

When a toy is seriously hurt there is a stretcher the child can use to take it to the Doc Mustuffins Mobile Clinic to make sure the toy is well cared for.

Parents will like this toy because it has a pull along handle making it easy for the child to take it from one room to the next. Everything in this toy is self contained so cleanup and storage is easy. The price is in the average range which is good considering the size and detail put into this toy.

Children will love the motion activated sirens and the song that the Doc Mobile plays when it is in motion. It does need 2 AA batteries that are not included. There are toys that look like real EKG machines, otoscopes, and thermometers that are included. There is also a bandage dispenser as well.

The Doc McStuffins Get Better Talking Mobile Clinic is a good choice for a parent or other gift giver to present to girls and boys aged 3 and above who like the TV show. This cart is perfect for making house calls to take care of sick toys.

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Our rating: 4.5 stars

Published 27 November 2014

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