Sweet Island Dreams Mobile Review

Sweet Island Dreams thumbnailOur rating: 4.5 stars

The Sweet Island Dreams Mobile from East Coast (Tiny Love in the USA) is designed to regale a baby’s sleeping area with the feeling of a peaceful tropical environment. The colours and moving toys will entertain babies while the music soothes them to sleep. You can hear one of the tunes in the video above, along with the sounds of a child singing along and playing with toys. It should bring lots of smiles during a child’s first months and years. Let’s look more closely to see what this toy has to offer.

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Sweet Island Dreams Mobile Demo Video

Sweet Island Dreams Baby Mobile: Main Features

• Easily fitted to any slatted baby crib or cot
• Tropical setting theme design
• Includes friendly colourful toy animals
• Main colour is green
• Can be used as a nightlight for additional comfort for babies
• Plays music for 20 minutes
• Music can be turned on and off by remote control
• Great for infants of all ages, from newborn

East Coast Sweet Island Dreams Mobile For Babies Review

Sweet Island DreamsIf you want a soothing tropical themed mobile for your new or not so new baby, this could be a good choice. It brings the warmth of the tropics to your baby’s room, with attractive animal toy accessories and peaceful music. The extra features of this mobile are very important to note, too.

At first glance, the tropical theme is very cute. The animals that are attached to the limb of the tree include a giraffe, monkey and birds. They are vibrant in colour and smiley faced to keep your baby’s attention and focus.

The Sweet Island Dreams Mobile encourages the early learning stages of development in ways that you might not expect. The hanging elements of a mobile help infants to strengthen their eye muscles and develop spatial perception skills as they learn to focus. You can see in the video how the mobile moves around, encouraging the child’s eyes to follow the moving toys.

Meanwhile the music is said to engage the endless imagination of your child as well as soothing them to sleep. In the reviews, parents agree that the music in this mobile is very pleasant, not annoying as many kids tunes can be. Some buyers have complained about a noisy motor almost drowning out the music but as you can see, there’s no sign of this in the video at the top of the page where the music and the baby’s singing can easily be heard, so we assume it’s just a few faulty mobiles and if you have that issue, you should return it for a replacement.

Sweet Island Dreams mobile on cribBattery life is good and the night light is bright enough for you to check on your baby through the night, without disturbing their sleep. There’s even a remote included that makes it easy to start the mobile up again from a distance, so you don’t have to alert them by going into the room. This is a great feature for parents.

The mobile attaches under the top rail of a cot or crib, through the gap between slats. So you wouldn’t want this for a solid-sided crib. It’s very easy to fit but you should check out the specific dimensions before you buy (see price link below).

Using the music box fitted to the crib at the base of the mobile, an older baby can learn to press buttons to change the tune. There are 8 tunes in total. You can also do this from the remote.

All in all, this is a high quality mobile. It’s not cheap but it’s built to last, with durable materials. It’s easy to install, looks great and does a good job of soothing and entertaining babies without annoying parents. Recommended.

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Our rating: 4.5 stars

Published 22 October 2013

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