Disney Frozen My Size Doll Review

Frozen My Size dollsDisney Frozen My Size Dolls Review
Our rating: 4.5 stars

Disney understand little girls! They know that they love to own their favourite movie characters in the form of a doll. And what could be better than receiving a doll that’s the same size as a real child?

So Disney have brought out the Frozen My Size Elsa and Anna dolls. They’re over 3 feet tall and they’ll wow any child who is lucky enough to receive one. But what do parents think? Let’s take a closer look.

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Frozen My Size Elsa/Anna Doll Review Video

Disney Frozen My Size Dolls Features

* Choose Elsa or Anna
* Dolls are almost 1 metre tall (over 3 feet)
* Lightweight and portable
* Can sit or stand
* Clothes and accessories to fit the movie characters
* Age range: 3 and over

Disney Frozen My Size Doll Review

Disney My Size dolls have been popular for a while now. You can get several of the Disney Princesses in these 3 foot tall dolls – Cinderella, Rapunzel and more. This year, My Size Elsa and Anna from Frozen have been added to the range. And kids love them!

Having a doll their own size makes children feel they have a real friend right there in the room with them, all day and night. They don’t talk to annoy you, but kids can imagine them saying whatever they want.

And the Disney Frozen movie is a great choice to make these dolls from. It has millions of young fans across the world, and there are many different Anna and Elsa dolls on the market already. But the limited edition My Size Frozen dolls really stand out – literally!

Frozen My Size dolls collageBoth Elsa and Anna are gorgeous, and you might want to collect them both. They wear their well known colours from the movie, and both dolls measure almost 1 metre in height (over 3 feet – 94 cm/38 inches, to be exact). That is the height of the average 4 year old.

The Frozen My Size Elsa doll comes with a light-up flower clip on her dress that can be removed so either Elsa or your child can wear it. Her glittery gown is turquoise like her famous costume from the movie, and she has other accessories like jewellery.

As for the Frozen My Size Anna, some reviewers thought she was even better designed, dressed in her own costume from the movie, with cute slippers. She also has a flower clip brooch like Elsa’s, that lights up and can be worn by either the doll or the child.

A few parents found the dolls creepy just because they were so big, but kids love them, and the only real issue is the price.

If you get one of these life sized dolls for the little princess in your life, you may just have bought her a new best friend!

The Disney Frozen My Size dolls are flying off the shelves in toy stores, as you can imagine. Shop around and check prices because they’re limited edition toys – there’s a huge demand for these preschooler sized Elsa and Anna dolls.

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Our rating: 4.5 stars

Published 16 December 2014

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  1. Beth

    I can’t believe there is still so much Frozen gifts out there! I’ve written a post just listing all the Frozen girls bikes I could find. I ran out of steam at number 18. Unbelievable.


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