Frozen Skating Elsa Doll and Anna Doll

Disney Frozen Skating Elsa Review & Frozen Skating Anna Review
Our rating: 4 stars

Frozen Ice Skating dollsIn the Disney movie ‘Frozen’, so popular with kids (especially girls) this year, there’s a moment when Elsa and Anna skate to celebrate the end of wintry weather. With one or both of these two Frozen skating dolls you can recreate that magic moment, and they’re pretty much guaranteed to produce whoops of delight from little girls.
But what should you know before you buy? Let’s take a look.

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Frozen Skating Dolls Video

Frozen Skating Elsa and Anna Doll Features

* Both Elsa and Anna available to order separately
* Dolls make skating movements when you push them along
* Dressed in skating costume inspired by the Frozen movie
* 32 cm (over 12 inches) tall
* No batteries required
* Age range: 3+, we think 6+

Frozen Skating Doll Review – Elsa and Anna

Frozen Ice Skating dollsWhen you consider what a big hit the Disney Frozen movie has been with little girls, it’s not surprising that there’s a huge range of Frozen themed toys. Dolls based on the main characters, Elsa and Anna, are some of the biggest hits, and these ice skating versions of the two girls have a special novelty value.

The great selling point with these dolls is that they really appear to skate. Push a Frozen ice skating doll, holding her ankle, and she will bend and make different ice skating movements with her arms. There’s a wheel on the bottom of her skating boot that connects up with her arm movements.

For younger children, there’s a snowflake shaped base that you can fit Elsa or Anna onto, making it easier for little hands to guide her along. Batteries are not required.

Their outfits are inspired by the movie. Elsa wears her signature turquoise and white, while Anna is in pink and blue. Some of the clothes are removable – for example, you can take off Anna’s cape and skirt. You can also take off their princess tiaras, but they can be difficult to fit back on, so it’s best to leave them. The skating boots don’t come off, and the dolls aren’t designed to sit down, although their legs and arms are jointed and posable. Some parents felt they were a little limited. But they’re made for skating and that’s what they do best.

Be prepared for the fact that one Frozen skating doll will not be enough for most kids – they’ll want both, so they can skate together. So if you’re buying one, you might want to have another family member buy another. Kids are sure to want to watch the movie over and over, too, while they play at skating their dolls along the floor or on a table top!

These Frozen ice skating dolls won a place on Hamley’s list of top 10 Christmas toys for 2014 (see all the top 10 here) and they are marketed as safe for age 3+. However, they don’t do much except skate, so we think they’re better for kids of age 6 and over who will appreciate the collectible aspect. On the other hand, many reviewers say that their daughters actually played with them a lot more than they expected.

These Elsa and Anna dolls both have big smiles and look like they’re having a lot of fun ice skating. Young Frozen fans will love making Elsa and Anna skate. Parents may be slightly underwhelmed, but you’re virtually certain to have a thrilled and delighted child if you buy a Frozen skating doll for a little girl.

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Our rating: 4 stars

Published 24 November 2014

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