Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Doll Review

Frozen Elsa Singing DollDisney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Review
Our rating: 5 stars

Disney’s ‘Frozen’ was THE popular movie of 2014 for little girls, and Frozen-themed toys are a sure winner this Christmas – especially because of their seasonal snowiness!

This Elsa doll talks with 15 different sounds and phrases from the movie, and plays the hit song ‘Let It Go’ at a touch of her necklace. Both her necklace and her dress light up with her power, and she comes with her snowman friend, Olaf.

So what do kids and parents think of her? Let’s take a look at some reviews.

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Singing Elsa Doll Video

Frozen Snow Glow Singing Elsa Doll Features

* Elsa can sing and talk and she features the Frozen signature song ‘Let it Go’
* Her magical snowflake necklace allows Elsa to talk with her Frozen friends
* Your child can relive those magical movie moments with more than a dozen phrases and sounds
* Three AAA batteries are included with the doll
* Age range: 3-6

Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Review

The recent and highly popular Disney film Frozen has encouraged the rapid development and production of a selection of much wanted dolls, their outfits and accessories. Young boys and girls alike will have hours of fun role playing the characters of Anna, Sven, Olaf, Kristoff and now this very special Frozen Snow Glow Singing Elsa doll enables even the youngest of those movie fans to play along and enjoy too.

Firstly parents are all too aware that their children are in love with the movie Frozen and that they are definitely going to want any Disney releases associated with this enormously popular, best selling franchise.

Frozen Elsa Singing DollIt should be remembered, however, that not all toys in the Disney Frozen range are appropriate for every age group and this is the very reason that Disney created the My First Disney Princess range of toys. These dolls are available at smart and affordable prices and are made specifically to appeal to little girls aged from three to six years, although we think slightly older children might like it too.

The icy and frosty looking blue and white princess gown lights up magically as does her charming snowflake necklace as she raises her hands high up to cast forth her wintry, powerful spells. Her dress can play the popular Frozen movie hit song “Let it Go”.

This interactive Frozen snow glow Elsa doll was designed to effectively reproduce this snow queen’s animated abilities and it manages this perfectly. In the movie Frozen it shows Elsa as a princess sister with an unusual and powerful ability to use and manipulate the ice and snow. She uses her fury-filled powers and emotions to control the elements around her to the amazement of all.

Your own little Frozen princess will love and enjoy playing and singing along with her own Elsa doll. You can simply switch over from the ‘try me’ setting to the regular ‘on’ setting in order to hear the full ‘Let it Go’ song and the fifteen sounds and phrases that Elsa will speak, taken directly from the Frozen movie. They can easily press her lovely snowflake necklace to hear her say her movie phrases such as “I can do snow magic, wanna see?” and “I’m Princess Elsa of Arendelle”.

Your little girl will love the sheer lace arms of her dress and her gorgeous white tiara. (Elsa’s dress cannot be removed due to the method in which it lights up.) As a special bonus feature this very special Elsa doll comes complete with a funny little snowman friend from the movie named Olaf who is sure to be recognised and be a big hit with your child too.

This Frozen Snow Glow Queen Elsa of Arendelle doll can effectively reproduce the movie queen’s animated abilities and deserves a closer inspection. She is a great interactive gift idea for all of your little princesses and will surely be a smash hit with all Frozen movie lovers and Disney collectors alike.

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published 27 November 2014

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