Furby Boom Review

Our rating: 4.5 stars

Furby Boom Waves thumbnailCreated for children aged 6 and up but popular with people of all ages, Furby Boom is a toy with both physical and digital interactive elements. Like the 2012 Furby it develops its own personality according to the way you play with it, but the 2013 Furby Boom goes further. It offers twice as many responses as its cuddly predecessor and can even hatch babies from eggs in the digital world.

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Furby Boom: Main Features

* 5 pre-loaded personalities that it can switch between
* Speaks Furbish but can “learn” English
* Remembers and speaks its own name and its friends’ names
* The Furby Boom offers even more real-time interaction
* In the app, can hatch and raise virtual Furby babies called Furblings
* Requires 4 AA batteries
* Age range: 6 to 106!

What Is Furby Boom and Should You Get One?

Furby Boom verticalHasbro says that Furby Boom is “the beginning of a new adventure”. Physically, Furby Boom figures look just like their predecessor the 2012 Furby, except that instead of being one solid colour they have a patterned coat. But where they are really different is in the digital world. The Furby Boom app on your smartphone or tablet allows the Furby Boom to collect digital eggs that it then hatches and raises.

There are some amazing real-world interactions too. The 2012 Furby could already be taught some English, but the Furby Boom will also remember and say the name you give it. It even remembers the names of the Furby Boom friends that it meets.

The Furby Boom will remind many parents of the friendly Gremlins from the 80s movie. For kids, these “intelligent” and adorable little creatures may be the closest thing to a real pet that they’ve ever had.

All you need to do is power up the little guys with four AA batteries (not included), and you can have them dance to music and speak Furbish. If you have the optional integrated app (downloadable from Google Play and the Apple Store) you can hatch over 50 virtual Furby eggs. Furby babies are called Furblings, and they only appear on the app, not in real life. You collect additional eggs every time you interacts with the cuddly critter.

If enough virtual Furblings are hatched, you can fill up the towers of the Furbish city to win the golden Furby Boom egg on the app. Other things that you can do on the app include monitoring your Furby Boom’s health, cleanliness and hunger. Then you can X-ray, feed and even shower your pet when it needs it. Furby Boom will respond in its cute little voice when you do these things.

Furby Boom’s personality is shaped and developed every time you play with it. This helps children to understand that their actions have an impact on others.

The ongoing care and maintenance of both the Furby Boom and the virtual baby Furblings can help to teach a child to act responsibly. At the same time they have a cuddly and caring playmate that may deliver years of playtime fun.

So this lovable and engaging companion for your child encourages social interaction and care-giving. And they’re so cute, you might even start interacting with the furry Furby Boom yourself.

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Our rating: 4.5 stars

Published 23 October 2013

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