Gelarti Designer Studio Review

Gelarti StudioGelarti Designer Studio Review (Moose Toys)

Our rating: 4.5 stars

With the Gelarti Designer Studio, you can make your own stickers and decorate your room, phone, notebooks and more. This creative set will especially appeal to little girls aged 5-10 who like to color and make things.

The Gelarti Studio will keep children playing happily and creatively for hours, and you can order refill packs of more stickers when the first set included with the Studio is done.

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Gelarti Designer Studio Video – Using the Marbling Tool

Gelarti Designer Studio Features

Gelarti Studio 2* Portable studio has a turntable to make your own stickers.
* Includes 30 stickers,
* 4 Gelarti paint pens,
* 6 3D accessories,
* 12 gems,
* Glitter paints,
* Activity book,
* Marbling tool to create special effects.
* Refill packs of more stickers are available to buy.
* Age 5-10.

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What’s Great About The Gelarti Designer Studio

The portable Gelarti Studio allows you to create and store your own stickers – but you probably won’t want to store them, you’ll want to use them to decorate your room and other possessions!

Little girls love to decorate their school books, phones and other things with stickers. The Gelarti Studio lets them design their own – with a much more professional look than if they just drew with regular pens.

How It Works

The set includes 4 paint pens, a marbling tool, 3D accessories and sparkly gems that can be added to stickers, and the sheets of stickers. You simply put a sticker sheet onto the turntable (there are tabs to hold it in place) and gently squeeze the paint pens to color your sticker.

You can blend two colors together or create beautiful swirls with the marbling tool. Finally you can add 3D accessories. Then the stickers must be left to dry for at least 6 hours (overnight is best).

After they are dry, you can peel off your stickers and attach them wherever you want. Surfaces must be smooth, clean and dry for the stickers to adhere well. They can be peeled off and moved around later if you want.

The pack includes 30 stickers which will keep kids entertained for hours. If you want more, there’s a choice of four refill packs containing more stickers and pens. See Gelarti Scene Packs here.

What’s Not So Great

The Gelarti Designer Studio is great but it’s only going to suit the type of child who will sit happily playing with coloring books, cutting out pictures etc. The Gelarti Studio won’t convert a noisy, active child into one who likes to play quietly!

The stickers don’t stick to every surface and they can be peeled off and reused. This can be a benefit but it can be frustrating if your child wants to decorate a surface that is not totally smooth. You could use glue of course, but they are designed for surfaces like windows, book covers, a laptop or phone, etc.

The stickers take 6 hours to dry. For a younger child this can be frustrating but you can tell them it’s a way to extend the fun: when they wake up tomorrow, the stickers will be ready to use.

Gelarti Studio Review Summary

Our rating: 4.5 stars

Get this for the right child and she will adore making her own stickers to decorate her room and possessions. The stickers included in the pack will provide many happy hours of creative play and refill packs are available if she wants more.

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Gelarti Designer Studio Review

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