Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister Set Review

Hot Wheels Triple Track TwisterOur rating: 4 stars

Hot Wheels cars and race track are hugely popular with kids. The latest addition to the range is the Triple Track Twister Track Set (try saying that after a glass of wine LOL!) and it’s fun for over-5s to play with alone or race against their friends.

There are three tracks, two booster controls and you can integrate with Apple devices to get more out of the equipment. Let’s look more closely and see what the racing car fan gets in this new twist to the Hot Wheels range.

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Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister Video

Mattel Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister Track Features

* Triple loop track
* Cars can be sent on a collision course using the diverter
* Blue tunnel pass-through control sends cars to a new track
* Built-in stand for your iPad and Hot Wheels Power Port App
* Booster speeds up the cars significantly
* Requires 4 D (LR20) batteries, not supplied
* Age range 5-10, but fun for older kids too

Hot Wheels Track Triple Twister Review

Hot Wheels Triple Track TwisterThe iconic Hot Wheels brand has been around a while but it’s still immensely popular with kids (especially boys) of all ages.

This twisting 3-track set is compatible with all Hot Wheels cars scale 1:64 made since Mattel launched the Hot Wheels toys range in 1968, although older cars may not work perfectly. Mattel released another 250 cars in 2013, and they will all work well on this Hot Wheels track.

This Hot Wheels track set comes with one car which may be any of the new cars. With 3 tracks you’ll obviously want more cars and most buyers of this set will have them, but if you don’t, you can order Hot Wheels cars here.

The age range for the Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister is 5+ and there are some safety concerns so it’s not recommended for children younger than that. The main issue is that cars can be set on a collision course and they sometimes fly off the track. Kids love this aspect but it can be dangerous for little ones. Also, some assembly is required to put the track together – allow up to 20 minutes for this. You’ll probably have to help your children do this if they’re under about 8 years old.

There are two special power booster controllers that you can use to speed up the cars and they work well. The three different tracks have different features including trapdoors, loops and tight turns. All of the loops merge onto the ‘crash zone’.

If your children have access to an iPad they can use a lot more features. On the special Hot Wheels downloadable app they can race cars through five different virtual worlds, called Shark Park, Team Hot Wheels, Dinosaur, Farm and Robot Battle. You can also hook up your iPad to the track using the special stand.

You’ll need 4 size D (LR20) batteries. It’s annoying that these aren’t included since they’re not a size you’re likely to have around the house, but you can order them at the same time and they do seem to last very well.

As a parent, be prepared for this toy to cause a lot of noise as well as fun! Boys especially love the extra speed of the booster and the collision course option. The Triple Track Twister set is sure to be a huge hit with Hot Wheels fans or any child who is ready for a car race track.

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Our rating: 4 stars

Published 29 January 2014

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