Imaginext Castle: Eagle Talon Castle Review

Imaginext Eagle Talon CastleFisher-Price Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle Review

Our rating: 5 stars

The Eagle Talon Castle is the latest and greatest Imaginext castle toy from Fisher-Price. There’s a lot here that will appeal to boys especially and encourage their imaginative play.

Fisher-Price are known for the quality and durability of their toys, but does this new Fisher Price castle measure up? Will it become another classic that your kids will remember all their lives? Let’s find out.

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Fisher-Price Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle Video

(Dragon is sold separately)

Eagle Talon Imaginext Castle Features

Eagle Talon Castle full set* Expands to over 3 ft wide when fully open
* Lights up and makes sound effects
* Cannon and eagle’s head shoot plastic disks
* Includes 3 soldiers, weapons, armor
* Moving drawbridge and other moving parts
* Turn-Tech revolving positions
* Reconfigurable to different designs
* Folds down for storage
* Age range: 3-8

Why Kids Love the Eagle Talon Castle from Fisher-Price Imaginext

Eagle Talon Castle verticalAt first glance, the Fisher-Price Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle is impressive! It’s a big playset measuring 42″ wide when fully opened out (that’s 3 ft 6 in). It’s configurable in different ways, so the walls can be set back or turned so that it makes more of an enclosed shape. That makes it good for play in different settings.

It’s a very atmospheric castle with plenty to excite a child’s imagination. If they’re fans of any medieval story like Merlin or Brave, they can play out scenarios involving well known characters. If not, there is so much to do that they will soon be having endless fun in the world of knights, dragons and castles.

The cannon and the eagle’s head above the drawbridge fire plastic missiles. There’s a moving drawbridge and three ‘Turn Tech’ rotating disks that the soldiers can stand on.

The castle makes some excellent sound effects lights up automatically when different things happen. For example you can get extra figures and weapons like the dragon in the video or the Large Catapult. Some of these are really huge and will add another dimension to playing with the castle. The castle recognizes these extra items and interacts with them too.

But there are plenty of accessories included in the castle playset to keep kids entertained. This Fisher Price Imaginext castle comes with 3 soldiers, a canon, 2 catapults, swords, shields, armor and more. Kids will love to play with all the different pieces. They have everything they need here to play out castle adventures.

There’s even a DVD to bring the world of the castle to life for kids and give them ideas if they don’t know where to start with their imaginative play. But we think that’s unlikely! Most kids in the age range (3-8) will love this castle toy.

As we have come to expect from Fisher-Price, the Imaginext Eagle Talon castle feels strong and durable and should be good to hand on to other kids when your own have outgrown it.

What’s Not To Like?

We couldn’t find anything to criticize about this castle playset! I guess there’s a chance some of the smaller accessories might get lost during play, but isn’t that always true. It’s an excellent Imaginext castle and absolutely worth the price.

Eagle Talon Fisher-Price Imaginext Castle Review Summary

This is a first class castle playset that is sure to keep young kids entertained in active play for many hours. We think it will be a firm favorite in thousands of homes and have no hesitation in giving it 5 stars.

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Our rating: 5 stars

Updated 8 February 2014

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