Innotab Max Review

VTech Innotab 7 inch Max Kids Tablet Review
Our rating: 4 stars

Innotab Max blueIf you’re looking for a kids’ tablet, the VTech Innotab Max could be your answer. Providing internet access with parental controls, and hundreds of apps and games to download that are both educational and fun, it certainly has a lot to offer.

VTech have made a few models of the Innotab in the past, and it’s developed every time. The Innotab Max is the biggest ever, and children seem to love it. So let’s take a closer look.

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VTech Innotab Max 7-inch Features

* Big 7-inch touch screen
* Choose from pink or blue
* Comes with video recorder
* 180 degree rotating camera
* Child-safe internet connectivity via WiFi
* 8 GB storage
* Comes with 3 free apps
* 650 more apps available from the VTech store (not included)
* Takes 2 AA batteries (supplied)
* Age range: 3-8

VTech Innotab Max Review

Innotab Max choice

Kids’ tablets are a kind of mixture of a smartphone and a laptop. They are lighter and more portable than a laptop computer, but they deliver a much bigger display than most phones. In fact, the Innotab Max has a 7 inch screen, bigger than previous models.

This Innotab 7-inch kids’ tablet comes with a durable protective cover that includes a useful carry handle. The cover turns back to function as a stand. There’s also an attached stylus pen.

The Innotab Max comes with a limited amount of software but it supports hundreds of educator-approved learning cartridges including games, ebooks and applications, that you can purchase from the VTech Learning Lodge. The most common criticism from parents is that the VTech apps are more expensive than, for example, apps for the LeapPad or apps that you could get for a Kindle or iPad. However, the unit itself is a good low price, so what you spend on one area you will save in another.

Like a tablet or smartphone for grownups, you operate it by touching the screen. It can store profiles for up to 4 different users, so if kids are sharing it, they don’t get to mess with each other’s stored stuff. The older ones will appreciate that!

Child-safe WiFi connectivity is provided. It’s reassuring for parents to know that kids are not going to end up on adult websites. You may still have to monitor some use, for example if you let them access YouTube, they can see any video on YouTube, so if you don’t want that, you have to block YouTube completely. This isn’t in VTech’s control, it’s just the way YouTube works.

One of the included apps is called Kid Connect, and it allows the user to exchange photos, voice messages, on-screen drawings and even texts with friends and family. But the Innotab Max isn’t a phone. It transmits through WiFi like a computer. If they take it out to a place where there’s no WiFi, they won’t be able to connect. Again, this is true of kids’ tablets in general.

The camera rotates by 180 degrees so it can face forward, back or anything between. Kids can use it to take still photos or video. They could even set up a video chat session with you. There’s 8 GB of storage space which is pretty good, but if your child wants to take and keep a lot of video footage, you can expand it up to a total of 40 GB by adding a 32 GB micro SD card.

The operating system is based on Android and should be compatible with other Android devices. You can also transfer the display to a TV screen via an HDMI connector (this is not included, but easy to purchase if you don’t already have one, provided your TV is modern enough to have the capability).

This is a good starter electronic device for kids, especially those in the 3-6 age bracket. By age 7 or 8 they’ll probably be ready to move on to something more grownup-looking, but the sturdiness and durability of the Innotab makes it ideal for younger ones, less likely to be broken and easier for little hands to use.

Kids are getting into electronics so much younger these days, they’ll be missing out if they don’t have access to something like this. All in all, the VTech Innotab Max comes at an affordable price and is a smart purchase for parents who want their kids to learn while they play.

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Our rating: 4 stars

Published 5 December 2014

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